Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

TRUMP AND JACKSON: There are similarities as noted by Professor Yarborough.

VDH AGAIN ON MEDIA: And the meaning of Weinstein and co, plus NFL, etc.VDH covers a lot in this article and as usual, he has interesting and insightful observations.  As a historian of the classics, he has adapted and become a noteworthy commentator on current events.  He is also a farmer in Central Valley and has much to say about the immigration issue.  Oh and also he's on the "faculty" of the Hoover Institute where he opines regularly under those auspices.

CLINTON CORRUPTION NUCLEAR DEAL: Breathtaking how the Clintons got away with this stuff for all those years.Here we're talking about a complicated deal that influenced national security all done under Hil's watch at DOS.  These people should be behind bars.

LIBERALISM AND NEO-LIBERALISM: Discussion in 1938 re controlled capitalism. Lippmann conference prior to WWII presaged the development of the Welfare State on steroids.  This argument continues to this day.  Professor Ebeling of The Citadel.  And then there's this contribution from FEE.

KEN BURNS'S VERSION OF VN: All about the Liberals view of the VN war.  VN HISTORY:  Site comes highly recommended by VN veteran.The antidote to Ken Burns.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

IMPLICIT BIAS: Code for b.s. and an employment racket for the equality/diversity/inclusion crowd.This hokum is sapping the vitality out of large corporations and turning out a bunch of weak-kneed do-nothings.  Probably accounts for why corporations underperform as they get more bureaucratic.

ANOTHER TAKE ON VN WAR:Poorly fought but worthy war. Say what you will that war was to hold back the tide of Communism in the far east and to an extent it did.  Even though the West "lost" the 10 years of holding back the tide of communism gave other allies in the area (Japan, NK) time to develop their economies and build up their defenses enough to pose a reasonable deterrent and to signal that the US would continue to fight back against the tyranny of communism.  The Democrats across the board covered themselves with shame in this war.

ON  HARVEY WEINSTEIN:The weirdness of Hollyweird, and why the rot is so prevalent. Movies are dangerous when they come from the mind of the corrupt.

VDH ON TRUMP TODAY:Hard to say where it ends up. At least so far he's gotten quite a lot accomplished especially in terms of the economic outlook.  He's still a loose canon but he's also still an agent of change.  Make no mistake the progressives in both parties were winning big.  The Uniparty, Deep State, Establishment or whatever you want to call it was calling ALL the shots and making the system work for them.  Trump, an outsider, who who bulled his way to wealth and a form of influence at least, saw the plight of the disenfranchised in a way the other Republicans, part of the establishment, did not, could not.  That's what the blue collar, disenfranchised saw in him and why they voted for him.  He was seen as a change agent.  So far he's been living up to that promise, at least to his following.  Can he sustain his role as a change agent?  He must produce some concrete successes in order to and that is his challenge.  The forces arrayed against him are monumental, to say the least.

TRUMP AND JACKSON:DeToqueville met Jackson and here's a comparison.Not that far-fetched when you think about it.  They were both vulgarians who represented the interests of the very common man.

UNDERSTANDING CORKER/TRUMP DUSTUP: THE Irand deal was a fraud from the beginning and brings great shame on the politicians involved, especially Corker. ShowsmCorker was either in over his head or was duplicitous for some reason we cannot yet fathom.  Was he a pal of Obama's?  Did he have a deal with Boeing? Hard to know what was in his mind, but whatever it was it did not have the best interests of the US in it.  On this one Trump is right.

GREAT ARTICLE, EVEN BETTER DISCUSSION: This is civility in action. The responses and the discussion provoked by the article represents the best colloquy I've read on the internet to date.  A very important argument presented by the author and a spirited and thoughtful collection of responses.  Particularly useful is the back and forth between Steve Garner and urbangorrilla which is an example of a civil discussion between two people on a subject both know a great deal about.

BRILLIANT ANALYSIS OF TODAY'S MEDIA: Oh so true. Continnetti is an astute observer. He will be a major media star as time goes on.

ANOTHER RISING STAR: Or maybe he's a star already.

IT'S ALL ABOUT DICTION:Confusion about origin of the word "liberal".

Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

CAMILE PAGLIA: On what's wrong with society today.

GLOBALISM ANYONE?Sounds good but does it deliver?. Free trade worldwide touches on classic liberalism's (Adam Smith et al) basic freedom tenets that left alone without tariffs and all the rest associated with mercantilism (reigning ism of the 18th century in economics) the economies of the world would flourish.
GOOD TAKE ON LATE NIGHT TV: On why Kimmel, et al, are turning to political statements all the time. It's all about declining markets and the need to be stimulating a core audience to continue watchTV.  Looking back Carson was apolitical and hade a huge market for his comedy.

ONE OF VDH'S BETTER ONES ON RACE: It's all about socialism and changing the system.

ANALYSIS OF BURN'S VN SERIES: Far from accolades. Many, many comments posted buy veterans of that war that are mostly critical of the Burn's interpretation.  TBF there are some who thought it reasonabley fair, but not many. Some of the comments are exceedingly thoughtful.  On net most disagreed with the overall presentation.

MY OL BUDDY ACEMOGLU:Hard to know how all this wrks self out.

I PLAYED IN A FIXED GAME: As first reported in Sports Illustrated. In a follow up piece in SI:After more information surfaced there's this from SI.  Finally, a recent story on the 2017 fix involvingLouisville and Rick Patino is here: Some things never change. The allure of money and the the glitter and glamor of sports. For some reason I was always under the impression this fixed game that I played in in Peoria against Bradley in 1957, resulted in an indictment of the referees involved in this ring.  Unless there's more to the story than these two articles from SI, there was no indictment and the crooks got away their crime.  It is entirely possible there is more to the story not revealed in this post.  Leaving the court at the end of the game I remarked to this referee that that was the worst officiated game I ever played in.  He, Fraser, remarked in turn "Yeah, Sargent, I called about as bad a game as you played."  Which was a rather strange remark I thought at the time.  Not so strange now.

IDENTITY POLITICS IS ALL THEY HAVE.Democrats only believe in negative values any more. Hard to day when the Dems lost their way but probably with the Presidency of LBJ who foisted his Great Society on America with all its attendant co-dependencies.  He also botched the conduct of the Vietnam War after JFK managed to set things up by botching the internal police of South Vietnam. The war was a noble effort to resist communism and its expansionary proclivities.  Those who present the war as a legitimate civil war for independence have got it all wrong.  HO Chi Ming was a doctrinaire commie who ruled by mind control, fear and force, the three pillars of governance by every communist state ever.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY: The real story is usually different.

THIS VETERAN DOESN'T BELIEVE BURNS: Vietnam war became a tragedy. After watching a few of the Burns's episodes on TV it's clear he is presenting the largely accepted wisdom now that the war was a mistake from day one and that it was mostly the result of American hubris.  He doesn't push this theme but one feels it's there just beneath the surface.  Obvious from the piece linked here this veteran does not agree although there's not much here to indicate what or how was to be done in the execution of the war that might have led to another, presumably, better outcome for the world. Of great interest about this blog are the over 500 comments that followed it.  They are mostly from vets and they mostly object to Burns's presentation.  one of the more compelling responses came from this vet:
In 1971 and 1972, I flew 120.5 sorties in the F4E out of Da Nang AB. I have a BA in Asian Studies and I have lived in Asia and the Pacific 5 times.
Like Burn's Civil War "history" the Vietnam War series also promotes false leftist narratives such as the claim that Tet uprising and the Easter Offensive were American defeats.
During Tet in 1968, Viet Cong mobilized 84,000 South Vietnamese fighters in sleeper cells. At the time, we had 560,000 Americans there. In Saigon, they had 5 objectives – overrun Tan Son Nhut air base, take the presidential Palace, capture Navy HQ, take the US Embassy and seize a radio station to broadcast a call to arms. They went 0 for 5 – taking a radio station, but the South shut off the power. Only about 10,000 VC escaped.
On 1 April 1972, we had only 40,000 US troops in Vietnam, when 200,000 NVA regulars equipped with tanks and artillery launched a 3 pronged invasion with the main thrust in Quang Tri Province. The monsoon season limited our close air support. On April 28th, the weather broke and ARVN slaughtered the NVA. According to North Vietnamese records, we had killed 100,000 of their invaders. We deployed in USAF, USN and USMC fighter squadrons from Korea, Japan, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and other places.
Nixon directed Operation Linebacker – a real air war on the North. The USN mined their ports. We took out their command and control, air defenses, munitions and fuel storage, road and rail networks and attacked transshipment points. As they had done in the past, the north offered to stop fighting if we halted bombing. As usual, they did not uphold their part of the bargain.
On 18 December 1972 the North walked out of the Paris Peace talks. Nixon told Mel Laird and Henry Kissinger to "End this." End it they did with Linebacker II. That night and every night thereafter 100 to 150 B52 heavy bombers carpet bombed Hanoi and Haiphong. POWs recognized the 108 Mk82 500 pound bomb detonations per aircraft. By Christmas Eve, the NVA were out of anti aircraft munitions. On 28 December hat in hand, Le Duc Tho returned to the table, agreeing with all our demands in return for an end to the bombing.
By any modern measure, that constituted a US military victory, but the democrats could not allow Nixon to win. They attached the Case Church Amendment to the Fy73 military appropriations bill prohibiting the US military from operating in, over or in the waters of North and South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Teddy Kennedy cut aid to the South from $1.4 billion to $700 million. In May 1975, with 5 fighter wing and a bomber wing in Thailand and two Carriers on Yankee Station, we had to sit and watch Soviet tanks manned by Cubans crash through the Presidential palace.
The left wanted to "Give peace a chance," but it was more deadly than the war. We lost 58,249 troops. The South Vietnamese lost 500,000 and the north, 600,000. The victors reeducated 850,000 South Vietnamese too death and another 150,000 boat people drown. A quiet little Cambodian college professor murdered 2 million of his countrymen.

IT'S HARD TO  DEAL WITH THE TRUTH:Heather Macdonald has been doing great work on this subject forever. It often doesn't seem to make a difference how persuasive her work is but at least the body of work is there.  Sadly the problems reside in the black race and any intelligent, sober and thoughtful black says so.  Never mind the heritage of slavery, et al, remember most of civilization lived under slavery at one time or the other.  Comes a tie when the aggrieved put recriminations and blame behind them and start to move forward.  There are many examples of those who have done exactlyy this.  There are the special interest voices who for personal; gain or fame do not want blacks off the reservation.  That fact has to be dealt with summarily in order to begin the process of recovery.  Patrick Moynahan saw all this in the 1960's and was nearly run out of town for writing about it.  Charles Murray ditto.  The issue has become the third rail in politics.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

SILICON VALLEY IS FAR TOO POWERFUL: Defining crony capitalism. When innovative startups become extremely successful and profitable, the trouble often begins.  It begins with a protection racket that involves buying political influence to "protect" their success and morphs into a corporate culture that demands group think on the part of their employees.  We saw this recently at Google which fired an employee for criticizing employment practices of the company deemed to be politically incorrect.  Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore these companies that are a part of the Silicon Valley cartel and their ruling oligarchs have to be reigned in to protect the capitalist system.  VDH has identified an important issue for the Trump administration to pursue.

HISTORY DISTORTED AGAIN BY DEMOCRATS:The faux posturing by millionaire athletes is faux. The problem with lying is the truth is out there and nowadays there's always someone who will bring it to light.  Once and for all it's the Democrats who supported and fought for slavery over many years.  Once and for all it's the Democrats who have gotten us into all those destructive wars over the years.  Why don't Republicans point this out more often?

NBA COACH AS SJW:POPOVITCH IS NBA MOST SUCCESSFUL COACH:That doesn't prevent him from commenting on politics and current events as an expert as well. Since he's looked up to as a father figure by many of the players in the NBA his comments here are not productive.  He's clearly a Progressive who voted for Obama and Hillary.  He seems to be unaware of the long time goals and objectives of Progressives and Socialist to create discord and chaos in society as a means to effect the change Obama spoke of in his first campaign for President.  He's also seemingly unaware of the growth of the Administrative State, the chaos on college campuses, and all the other hallmarks of the collapse of structure and order going on in our society today.  His diatribe is that of a man who has been in a highly compensated position in the entertainment industry for many years and is simply unaware of the sources and consequences of these changes.  Part of his diatribe was a defense of those who support the racist claims of the BLM movement.  While he alleges to understand why those who voted for Trump did so, he wonders how they (voters for Trump) must feel now after his first nearly year in office. This position clearly misreads why people elected Trump in the first place.  His is a ridiculously naive presentation by an out-of-touch liberal leading from his sentiments.  Here's an analysis from Ben Shapiro:

But don’t worry, Popovich isn’t the divisive one, even though Popovich endorsed Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling for the national anthem long before Trump addressed it.
There are a bevy of problems with Popovich’s perspective here. First, talking constantly about race does not alleviate racial problems — it exacerbates them. That’s why polls show consistently that race relations were better before President Obama took office: by elevating racial discourse back to the center of our national consciousness, we reopened wounds that had been healing. And the notion that being born white in the United States represents an unspoken privilege is unsupported by data. If that were the case, Asian-Americans would not be the highest-earning group in the United States; if that were the case, single white mothers would be better off than married black parents (they aren’t, by a long shot); if that were the case, we would expect to see white life expectancy continuously rising, rather than falling again. Judging people’s circumstances based on color rather than actual individual background is racism.Finally, connecting all of this with Charlottesville rather than a natural backlash to the cultural warfare waged against patriotism by the hard-core left is myopic at best.But at least Popovich continues to win brownie points with the leftist media.


THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS:The sports protests are a farce. The progressives are wrong again. Cops are victims, set up by race mongers.

LIBERAL FOOLISHNESS ON LIBERAL CAMPUSES: Going to take a long time to unravel this mess: Of much more interest than this particular "news" item are the responses.  Here you find many, many disgruntled alumni of many liberal campuses recording their displeasure with what's going on in these schools.  Unfortunately the rot is advanced.  Seems this all started with Affirmative Action (AA) in the '60's and the admittance of under-qualified blacks to these schools who to accommodate this cohort were required to lower standards and even create studies (gender, sexuality, etc.) that functioning 8th graders could pass.  Ward Connerly, a former University of California Regent warned of this effect many times.  He was adamantly opposed to AA and he is black. I believe it was his contention that overmatching students in schools did them no favors and led to higher dropout rates, failure rates, etc.  He was ignored by other Regents and the result we see in these schools, and many others throughout the country, in the form of silly courses that require no effort to pass.  Welcome to equal outcomes.  Welcome to Socialism.

HERE'S THE REAL ANSWER TO KAEPERNICK ET AL:The race baiters, i.e., Sharpton, NCAAP, are winning. And the rest of us, particularly the cops, are losing.  These demonstrators and their enablers are all brain-washed zombies doing the bidding of the race mongerers who are in it for the money.  More unrest means more money from the timid politicians, corporations and so forth.  This is all bad news for the country.  It has zero to do with Trump.

IS THE CANADIAN HEALTHCARE MODEL THE ONE?: It is according to this writer. Could he be right? There are questions.  There is no discussion of the general impact on taxation in this article therefore its presentation is incomplete.  There is no doubt that the HMOs are adding to the cost of medicine in this country all the while attempting to control costs.  But, as doctor cousin John says medicine for profit may just be the problem since healthcare costs are often uncontrollable and largely random.  Maybe what's called for is a national referendum on whether healthcare is a right or not.  Once this question is answered going forward with market based- healthcare or socialized healthcare would be possible.

PROGRESSIVISM VS CAPITALSIM:This author reflects my views on Progs vs capitalism. It should be noted that Capitalism has been compromised to some extent by Big Government and that any comparison between Progressivism and Capitalism must take this into consideration.  The Regulatory State negatively affects Capitalism by severely limiting competition and thereby disrupting free market prices in many cases.  This fact artificially drives prices up and then protects that pricing from the natural market forces representing an important cause of inflation.  Inflationary pressure then results in the FRS artificially meddling with the price of money to control the inflation which leads to further meddling at the first hint of deflationary forces.  We then have the buildup of debt by the government in the interest of an attempt to prevent economic stagnation and in the Misean sense the elimination of malinvestments.

COLLUSION BY BIG BANKS:The connection between Obama and large, large banks is not good.Problem is this is a long term problem because these lefty organization have built-in cash flow with which to disrupt commerce and the operation of free markets.  Not good for long haul.  It's all about the transformation of the US that O talked about before he was elected in 2008.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PRODUCT OF FREE MARKETS:Amazing comparisons.

HURRICANES AND MONOPOLIES:Why some Floridians are still without power.

DEAN AT SAN DIEGO LAW EXPRESSES HIS SUPPORT FOR “DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION” BY MAKING CLEAR THAT “diversity” doesn’t include different ideas, and conservatives aren’t included.
I’m happy to see that Larry Alexander, despite his sin of promoting bourgeois virtues like hard work, got a letter of support from numerous colleagues. The dean, meanwhile, should be sent for remedial lessons in the enlightenment tradition, and in common decency.
Alexander’s colleague Tom Smith adds:
The point is, a man or woman should be entitled to express him or herself in the public prints without having a Dean rain down a ton of politically correct nonsense on his head, for heaven’s sake. Especially on one, i.e. Larry, who nearly put this law school on the map. And also, I just have to say, what Larry is calling for (get up in the morning, go to your job, don’t take drugs, don’t have kids out of wedlock, etc., etc.) is rather in line with traditional Catholic teaching, is it not? So if someone says something that is “loudly dogma[tic]”, to coin a phrase, in a newspaper, or at least is consistent with that dogma, he runs the risk of being shamed by the administration of a nominally Catholic law school? That just ain’t rat. Larry of course is not Catholic, he’s a secular Jew, but he’s advocating things that are absolutely in line with what a good or even just sort of good Catholic person would do or practice.
Yes, you’d think that Alexander’s law school dean — who, frankly, I’ve never heard of — would be a bit slower to condemn the most famous and celebrated scholar on his faculty. Well, you might think that, if you hadn’t been paying attention to academia the last few years. And nominally Catholic law schools are pretty nominal these days.
Plus, from the comments: “The Dean’s ignorant response has disgraced the school. His letter, in effect said, ‘shut up, you might discomfit the poor darlings.’ Lawyers have to bring dispassionate judgment to the most troubling human issues. By publishing such a patronizing view of USD law students, he suggests they are not emotionally fit to handle the profession for which they train.”
If deans can’t bring more adult judgment than students do, why have deans? And, frankly, if law students can’t handle an oped about bourgeois values, how are they to be trusted — as lawyers are — to protect clients’ lives, property, and liberty with no more than their own ability to think clearly and express themselves persuasively?

THOROUGH LOOK AT DEEP STATE MACHINATIONS:This link, studied in detail, offers many answers about what's going on with the Meuller investigation

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH:tThe PC culture leads to chaos. Here's the evidence.

WORTH A READ:No surprise that Dems are big spenders.


Green Beans with Tarragon and Toasted Walnuts
Yield: 4 servings
1/4 cup walnut halves
1 pound fresh green beans, ends removed
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste1 1/2 tablespoons minced fresh tarragon (not dry)
1 1/2 tablespoons walnut oil
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put about 2 quarts water in large pot on high heat. Spread nuts on rimmed baking sheet and roast until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Watch carefully because nuts burn easily.
2. Add green beans to boiling water; add about 1 teaspoon salt. Boil until tender crisp, about 6 to 8 minutes depending on size and freshness of beans. Drain and place in bowl. Add tarragon, salt and pepper. Drizzle with oil. Toss.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


RACISIM CHARGES IN ENGLAND. TOO:The usual:liberal politicians are two-faced.Sara Champion is a Tory. And worse in Sweden. A crises is looming over Europe.

SERIOUSLY RACIST BLACK MAN:This dude's got hangups.

MULTICULTURALISM AND MARXISM:The war against Marxism was never concluded. From 2006 Gates of Vienna.

GOOD ANALYSIS OF CURRENT CORRUPTION:It's all about the size of government and the creation of the Federal Reserveplus the17th Amendment.

VON MISES KNOWS:And yes, it is a difficult read but worth it.

GEORGE WILLS'S DISAPPEARANCE: 40 years in Washington's enough!

PRAGER ON CONFORMITY:The essence of Political Correctness. Correctness

ANTIDOTE TO CULTURAL MARXISM:This man has the answer to defeat this scourge. Step by step Professor Jordan Peterson demonstrates how to defeat the Political Correctness, gender identity cultural Marxists who now control the agenda at universities across North America.  His book is a must read: "Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief"

WHAT'S WITH ISIS CURRENTLY?:Lest you think things are calming down.

THE "NEW" CLINTON FOUNDATION GIG:Obama being the "Cashing-in" phase of his presidency.None of these pigs (and their enablers) have any shame.  The system IS rigged but don"t expect anyone, including Trump, to do anything about it.  Too much money, created by the ever-generous FRS, in playing the game.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday, September 2, 2017

Generally a good explanation, but a few mistakes. The interest on the government debt purchased by the Fed is paid back to the treasury, for example. But most of this is accurate. The Fed is not a private institution. GE and Apple are private. Technically the Fed has shares issued to other banks, but that doesn’t make it “private.” The Fed’s Board of Governors is a federal agency. The member banks are granted membership under that agency. That is the source of their monopoly power. Congress (supposedly representing the people) can get rid of the Fed with a stroke of a pen. Wilson said in 1917 that the Fed was the worst mistake he ever made because it put a lot of power in the hands of a few rich families. It was a deplorable exercise in extra-Constitutional excess. He had no right to create the Fed and give it the power to print money. If the central banks were truly private (not protected by law / regulation), then they would have competition. Others would have the right to print money (and we would not accept paper money with no value, so the free markets would choose the appropriate medium of exchange). The central banks are protected by the government (and subsidized by the tax payers) and have huge power granted to them by the governments. The government controls the coinage so it can tax everyone. It's all about control. The state is no worse the the mob. The state rules by violence/force. And if you don't believe this, then try not paying your income tax for a few years and watch what happens - they throw you in jail. No corporation or bank has that power. Banks and the Fed are not to blame. Blame the people who created the laws/regulation that gave the Fed it's monopoly power. So many people don't understand fractional reserve banking and the Fed. Anywhere there is a major problem in banking, healthcare or education, you can find the government behind the problem. There is no such thing as a natural monopoly. All monopolies are created by the government directly or indirectly. The Fed is one of the worst monopolies of all

EVERY YOUNG ADULT SHOULD BE TAUGHT THIS:Instead students are taught by Bill Ayers clones.

EGADS! THE LAW PROFESSOR SPEAKS:Speaks with forked tongue, may be more like it. Sheer hypocrisy.

LENGTHY ARTICLE ON CAGW CONTROVERSY:At a minimum skepticism is recommended on the subject. Proof is not in yet that it actually exist.

EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON CRIME:From the always reliably insightful City Journal.

DARTMOUTH AND THE IVIES SOLDIER ON:Cross this one off the list.

WHY TRUMP WON:Beginning of major change is the answer.

AYAAN HIRSI ALI:An explanation of DAWA and the Muslim objectives in US and Europe.It's all invidious and supremely dangerous if left unchecked.  Karl Popper, author of the Open Society, is her inspiration for dealing with Islamism.  He said:Popper writing in 1945: “If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”  HERE is what touched off the discussion of DAWA.

STEVEN HAYWARD REVIEWS FDR AND RR COMPARISON:Mostly comports with Folsom, Powell, Schlaes analysis.Admittedly FDR is a complex study. But what goes unmentioned is the duration of the GD and the incredible roadblocks put in the way of a recovery by FDR and his Brain Trust of Harvard professors.

BEWARE PUBLIC SCHOOLS:Cesspits of Communism, especially on the West Coast.

CHARLOTTSVILLE EXPLAINED:It's about this simple.

GOOD LORD!:Corruption, corruption, liars and fools.  These people have no shame and what's worse there are people (voters) out there who don't either.  These so-called reporters are simply news-credentialed members of the Democrat Party with bi-lines provided by fake news organizations.  What's worse, they're all getting wealthy off this scam.  Disgraceful at a minimum.

Meanwhile, the engine of real income/wealth expansion, productivity, has faltered: