Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

THIS FROM A DOCTRINAIRE MINDLESS LIBERAL: If she's lost Margaret, she's in real trouble. Well, at least some of these feminist, lock-step libs are beginning to see through the b.s. of the Clinton machine as it grinds down to its natural level.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

WAEDS OF THE STATE: Government largesse, even in private universities like Yale, are the root cause of the monocultures phenomenon.  Solution:  a line in the brochure describing the school's past, present and future which says:  "If you like to participate in ext-curricula activities from athletics, to political debate forums, to literary discussion groups to a cappella singing groups, this is a school that offers all of these opportunities in abundance. If you are not one who respects traditions and history, Please do not apply.  This is not the university for you."

SOCIALISM DOESN'T WORK: Why is this so difficult for some to understand. Actually they do understand.  However if the government wants to give you something for free, even if you don't need or deserve it, why shouldn't you take it? People aren't stupid.

THE HOUSING CONUNDRUM: This IS a real issue for the future and, for that matter, the present. But we hear nothing about it.

THE AUSTRIANS HAVE THE ANSWER: Well, at least an answer that has predicted the 1929 GD (see von Mises) and preaches the inherent problems with easy money'  And yet, for some reason, they seem to be dismissed out of hand as some band of out-of-date theorists from the 19th century. Why is that?

THIS, FOR THE NAIVE, IS THE PROOF EVEN THEY CAN'T DENY: Rumors about press bias are not rumors. There's a reason Democrats get elected. It's called corrupted media.

HIS IS ABOUT IT: It's really no more complicated than this analysis. Public is saying, "NO MOR BULLSHIT".

DEMOCRATS ARE WELL BEYOND REDEMPTION:Only cultists can stick with the corrupt and malfeasant Clinton machine. And the MSM that never reports the incriminating information relating to any of Hil's scandals.  How can a self governing people survive with a politicized media that only disseminates information it deems worthy of providing to the public?

WORTHY ORGANIZATION: May the Mises organization continue to grow and prosper for the benefit of the next generation.

ALL TOO TRUE:The chickens have come home to roost. There is little, if any time left to change course.  What's discouraging is the number of "successful" people who don't see this train wreck and who believe that we who do,are the problem.

WILSON AND DEMOCRATS ARE TE TRUE RETROGRADE FORCE IN AMERICA:  Not enough people know this sordid history/ It's a shame.


  Joel Kotkin: see this train are heed the siren call of socialism.
The biggest story this election season is not Donald Trump or the fortunes of the two winners in Iowa, the unattractive tag team of Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. For all their attempts to seem current and contemporary, these candidates – and Trump as well – represent older, more established elements in American life, such as evangelicals, nativists and, in Hillary’s case, the ranks of middle-age women, seniors and public-sector unions.
The biggest and most important development has been the massive support among the new generation of voters for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his open embrace of socialism. In Iowa’s Democratic caucuses, which ended with Clinton and Sanders in a virtual tie, young people opted for Sanders at an almost inconceivable rate of 84-14. In 2008, Barack Obama won this segment, claiming only a 57 percent majority.
So we are seeing the embrace of an openly socialist septuagenarian by a generation that, within a decade, will dominate our electorate and outnumber baby boomers as soon as 2020. That should put more conventional politicians, and business, on notice. Whether you are a Republican, a free-marketer or, even a Democratic-leaning crony capitalist, be afraid – be very afraid.
For the first time since labor leader and presidential candidate Eugene Debs in the early 20th century, Americans are flocking in big numbers to a politician who rejects the efficacy of capitalism and seeks to create a new, notionally fairer, system. Now, as then, the reason to support socialist ideas – some of which were implemented during the New Deal – lies with the palpable failures of capitalism. Polls of millennials show consistently that economic issues, such as jobs and college debt, are their dominant concerns.
Well, decades of long-marching through the institutions are bearing fruit for the left. Time for a counterassault.

WALL TREET AND DEMOCRATS:  Since a goodly portion of WS is corrupt, why wouldn't they be in bed with Dems??

THE TRUTH IS HE'S AN OPPORTUNIST:Obama will not be treated kindly by history.  The truth is he's a fraud along the lines of Bernie Madoff and there are those who succumb to these kinds of people readily and willingly.  It come as a shock when they realize they have been duped.

THIS TOUCHES ON THE REAL DYSFUNCTION: He's got a very good point here.  What he's suggesting is a return to basics and/or fundamentals.  Meanwhile there's a lot of flailing around going on.

A PLAUSIBLE SCENARIO: Watch this money bags with the huge ego.

A TRUE COLD WAR WARRIOR: He stood up against the likes of the NYTimes and Walter Duranty, their number propagandist and apologist for the USSR

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016


INTERESTING NYTIMES ECONOMICS DISCUSSION: No mention in this discussion of the importance of the role of money in the performance of the economy. The Austrians and the Monetarists would shred most of these POVs.

WHERE DOES HE GET HIS HISTORY? Defies imagination where he comes up with this stuff.  Conflating white murderers with Muslim terrorists. Last I knew Muslim region was a faith and not a race.  The man has some serious problems with history and logic.

THE HORRIFIC AMNESTY PLAN IN SLIDES:  This is the plan Rubio signed on to. Hard to imagine anyone other than a Democrat, one-worlders signing on to this.

MARK STEYN ON IOWA AND HIS CLIMATE WARMING CASE: For anyone who cares about freedom of speech, Steyn is a fighter extraordinaire.  His testimony HERE before a sub committee on space and science is a study in runaway government spending and abuse of citizens.

WELL REASONED TAKEDOWN OF THE DONALD: Another way of saying he's a dangerous loose canon.

EXPOSING THE FRAUD KRUGMAN ONCE MORE: The Nobel Prize isn't what it once might have been.  Once again mixing political bias with statistics foils a committed lefty like Krugman.  Thank heaven for the likes of the internet and legitimate reporters like Iowahawk who does valuable work on behalf of the truth.

THIS SORDID PLOT THICKENS: In a non political world of real justice, a lot of Obama Administration officials should end up doing time over this one.

IT'S NOT, AS THEY SAY, BRAIN SURGERY: The answer lies in returning to the basics of free market capitalism.

THIS GUY IS AN ASSET FOR CONSERVATISM: Besides his writing resume he has also been a professor of computer science at

HE WOULD BE A DISASTER: Some Rs are having a collective nervous breakdown.

SUCCINCT DESCRIPTION OF SHINING CITY ON A HILL: From a conservative historian, Sasse.

THE ESTIMABLE KOCH BROTHERS: It is disgraceful that more business leaders, CEOs, et al, do not defend capitalism/freemarkets more than they do.  The absence of their voices in the public square probably means they are afraid of offending the political class with whom they are in cahoots to protect their companies from competition or whatever.  To their credit, the Koch brothers hold forums and symposiums and in general defend capitalism aggressively.  Could be the fact they own and manage their company is the difference.  CEO/managers have a much shorter time perspective.

THE FASCINATING WORLD OF RUSSIAN WRITERS: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy , et al are captivating story tellers from a world that's alien to most westerners.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday, January 26, 2016

CHARITABLE FRAUD: A reform administration would do well to clean up this sort of morally corrupting fraud in the "charity"industry.

WANT A SLEAZY TWO-BIT COUNTRY LAWYER FOR PREZ? 'Cause that's what you'd get with Hillary Clinton.   It's hard to imagine what respectful,  successful people are thinking, like a man I recently met at a social event, when they say they like Hillary because she's so "experienced" and "ready" for the job.

LEGACY?: Dubious one at best.

ABOUT RIGHT: Edmund Burke would have a lot to say about this analysis of the current state of the Western world.  It appears true we are being invaded, and are actually inviting the invasion, by unassimilable hordes whose foreign culture is changing our native culture. As we become more secularized and tolerant, we become more open to the values of other cultures.  Never mind we may not fully understand those cultures, who are we to impose our values on anyone else.   And since we are now in the grip of relativism, who are we to say those other cultures are not as valid. or even more so, than our own.  Europe is experiencing this relativism more than we in the US at this point in time, although we are catching up.  What this all reflects is a loss of confidence in Western values at the heart of which is Christianity. The West is truly in decline, at least for the time being.

EFFECTIVE SUMMARY OF 7 YEARS OF OBAMA RULE: A lot to reverse and reject, nothing to keep in place. Next administration has its hands full.

REASONABLE GOP ARGUMENT: Bears remembering, however, that the next Prez will appoint at least two SC justices.

WHY PEOPLE ARE VOTING FOR TRUMP AND BERNIE: This is the definition of corruption, period.

CHRONICALING CRONKITE; Point being MSM has never been about "News". Only competition solves this problem and there was none back then.

LIBERTARIAN SPEAK: Interesting bibliography associated with this document.

PRETTY STRONG ENDORSEMENT OF A CONSERVATIVE FOR CRUZ: Marcus is a principled, black conservative. His brief life story here says why.

THE FLINT STORY IN A NUTSHELL:Unfortunately all the reasonably competent souls living in Flint, left when the unions destroyed the city. But some still live reasonably well off.

WISHFUL THINKING, OR IS SHE IN THE SOUP: The ticket witch from Arkansas deserves what she gets, which probably won't be much considering at least 1/2 the country thinks she's above the law.  Is there a better single word to describe the Clintons than "Grifters"?

FN HAS CREDIBILITY PROBLEM: If true, Fox could be in trouble with its conservative viewers. Sounds reasonable that Murdoch is a globalists since his business enterprise spans the globe in a sense.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

CIVILIZATIONAL JUXTAPOSITIONING: Beautifully expressed description of what the West is facing now.  An here is a companion piece to complete the picture.


RICHARD BROADHEAD OF YALE/DUKE FAME: He blew it on the Duke Lacrosse case; now what's he do?

A VIEW OF THE MARKET'S VOLATILITY: More government meddling in markets, more volatility.

A DEFINITE READ: Intelllgent people who have lived socialism, understand best.

ONE SOLUTION TO EUROPEAN DILEMMA: Claire Berlinski has spent many years in Turkey and now Europe. Is independent voice.

GETS TO THE HEART OF THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY: VDH cuts to the chase of this failed and highly destructive period in American history. This administration could mark the end of the noble experiment of a people to govern themselves in a racially diverse, polyglot country.   It's never worked before in history so the Obama experiment just may have proved it cannot work even here. The recent outburst of black students on the campuses of many universities in America is another manifestation of the difficulty of different races to successfully interact on a social level at least.  Black students making demands for racially "safe spaces",  more classes on racially oriented studies, more black professors and administrators,  and so forth sounds like a desire for a segregated society on their part. Hard to see, especially after a black President for 8 years, how we can manage to keep a sense of unity going in this country, given all the discord and divisiveness now apparent.

THE END OF EUROPE IS NEAR: First hand report from refugee "camp" near Dachau tells a horrifying reality: Germany is self destructing over migrants/immigrants/refugees. Germans are atoning still for Hitler's Nazi regime.

Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

GOOD CALL?: This may just be where it ends up. And not so bad either.

IT'S A CIVILIZATIONAL CONFLICT: Peaceful coexistance will be difficult as long as the radical strain of Islam exists. Even then it will be difficult..

LIBS NEVER GIVE UP: These clowns have been trying to rewrite history for over a decade.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMET AND MUSLIMS: If they keep this up no one will hire them. We had better get some adults into our government fast.

THE DONALD BY HISPANICS: In the end, they are right.

OBAMA'S LEGACY: The guy's hopeless.

SPEAKING THE TRUTH TO (BLACK) POWER: Now will anyone listen?  Well they haven't for 50 years the PC crowd has gotten stronger and more in control.  All white kids at these school's deserve a rebate for putting up with this nonsense. BTW,  these campus eruptions seem to occur about the time of exams.  Connection?


LIBERALS SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE: None of this is corrected until the race hustlers are driven from the public square, period.  And we then retune to the system that works effectively in Germany, Japan, China, in which lower IQ children are taught a skill that allows them to earn a living with pride.  That would take care of most of the unrest on college campuses, plus eliminate the unnecessary feel good courses there, which would in turn make college affordable for all qualified students who can take advantage of a rigorous course curriculum.

BEWARE LIBERAL HISTORIANS: Schlessinger & co bring a yuuge bias to their accounts, plus a vivid imagination.  This happens to be a very good example of why there should be full disclosure of political affiliation by historians, pundits and anyone else passing themselves off as experts in some field on knowledge.

NEW DEFINITION FOR CORRUPTION: In the real world these people would be in the dock and shamed into oblivion. Nowadays half the country admires them.

RAHM EMANUEL'S COMEUPPANCE: As he leaves public life maybe he can take that doctor brother, the architect of Obamacare, with him.

SOLVING THE FEDERAL DEBT/BUDGET/DEFICIT PROBLEM: Why isn't there the political will to curb these anti-capitalism examples? Could it be corruption? Who will take on Big Pharma?

HOW TO SOLVE THE TERRORIST PROBLEM: Like it or not there's no terrorism threat in Japan.

MODERN DAY CICERO:  Sasso could be of help educating the country about the dangers of feckless leadership.

TRUMP IS NO WAY TO START A NEW YEAR: Accurate assessment of The Donald's appeal.