Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

ROGER KIMBALL TO THE RESCUE:Interestingly he pretty much has the measure of Goldberg,m"The extraordinary delusions and madness of the crowds" by Mackay in the 19th century is as good an analogy as there is.  It's a drumbeat by the intelligentsia who fear loss of influence and power to upstarts who know so much less than they do.

THE POWER OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE:Make no mistake the bureaucrats are out to get Trump.And what's worse they probably will because they have accrued so much power, power delegated to them by a Congress that did not want to be held accountable in ways that would threaten their positions, job security, wealth and security, all powerful motivating forces.  Trump's announcement on the stump that he wanted to go to Washington to "drain the swamp" was a declaration of war.  The bureaucrats were warned. They marshaled their collective strength and developed a plan to unseat him or at least his authority to effectively lead the country.  This is a subversion of the representative system we have had in place for nearly a quarter of a century.  Should they win this struggle, which is not really against Trump but against diminishing their strength and effectiveness in unelected governance, then we will have a new system since no elected representative of the people could expect to reduce or diminish their power again short of a full-blown revolution resulting in a different system than the one they constructed.

INSTRUCTIVE POST FROM CONRAD BLACK:Followed by hysterical letty comments.Man, those Canadians are some liberally indoctrinated followers.  They should join the European Union and take orders from Brussel along with all the other socialist European no longer sovereign nations.Another column that exposes the attack on Trump. I don't see how Trump can survive this assault given the relentlessness of the media.  It can go on forever with innuendo, rumors, made-up stories and the like and one man has to fight them off one at a time.  Seems like impossible odds.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday April 2, 2017

THE FORMIDABLE HEATHER TAKES ON CLAREMONT:This is one brave woman who's fighting the good fight.There's no reporter out there who deserves more praise and accolades than Heather.  She's a national treasure.

PERFECT EXAMPLE OF CRONY CAPITALISM:The question is how do these things get passed in legislatures>

SANITY ON CAMPUS: Here's a prof who gets it.But calling him and Charles Murray "far right" is laughable.  They are "right" but only in the "correct" sense.  But they always put these matters in political terms and put people in boxes.  It's easier to demonize that way.  They all need to read Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism".HERE'S a complimentary article featuring Orwell's concerns about speech control.

FDR LIBERAL ICON MORE LIKE ADOLPH:Fortunately he was reigned in before going completely off the rails.

ENGLAND IN 50 YEARS?: It will likely be quite different than today. Islam is on the rise.

UNTIL THERE'S A BETTER EXPLANATION: DEMOCRATS/PROGRESSIVES are having a collective mental breakdown.  Until there's a better explanation I'm going with VDH's that the Dems had to have something or someone to blame for the catastrophic loss to Donald Trump.  Blame the Ruskies since they are a nefarious group of thugs just like w (the dems) are and it's therefore a believable lie that all the dopes out there will believe.  And here's more.  The ever astute observer of behind the scenes stuff, Andrew McCarthy, provides real insight.

THE NYTIMES -- FORCE FOR EVIL:The comments section nails it.  Where was the NYT outrage about this incident with Barry?? Where??

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

GOOD LORD, ITS COME TO THIS:Democrats have completely lost it. All of them including the media.

COUPLE OF ARTICLES ON "DIVERSITY",  ET AL:For starters here's an English teachers's take.

THIS IS A DISCUSSION TO HAVE WITH CRAWFORD: Colleges no longer learning schools. They are indoctrination institutions.Some really good points are made in the posts at the end of this piece, which in itself is excellent.

HELPFUL PIECE TO UNDERSTAND LEAKING:It's all about the perfidy of the democrat party and politicians.

MARK LEVIN VIDEO ON EVELYN FARKAS: LEVIN has the background to speak on this subject.


CLEAR THINKING by VDH ON VEXING ISSUE. Mexican US citizenship issue is solvable.

YALE DOWN THE TUBES:Very sad what's happened to colleges across the land.

GREAT ANALYSIS OF MUSLIM/ISLAM THREAT:Why would the intellectual elites get it right considering their mindset>

OBAMA SUILTY OF DIRTY TRICKS?Not technically legally guilty but surely guilty of dirty tricks.And covered for by the corrupt media.


GLOBAL WARMING DISCUSSION: A businessman legislators solution makes sense. Jay Faison from NC talks to Steven Hayward about global warming solutions.

THE WISDOM OF F.A.HAYEK:  A giant among economists from the shoulders of von Mises.

NEXT TO GO IS WORD HUMAN: How about "Snowflake" to replace "Freshman"?

LOVELY. THE CLINTONS STRIKE AGAIN:These people will never go away. The key to the Clintons success becoming very rich and powerful is their ability to attract people like Pedestal to work for them using the levers of political power to their personal advantage.  They pretend to work in behalf of the left out, the poor, etc, but in reality they are busily feathering their own nest.  That is

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:More on college corruption.

SKIP COLLEGE: Become an autodidact and learn the truth.

MSM HYPOCRISY: Do as I say, not...

MORE DEMOCRAT MSM FRAUD:These people are hopeless.

WHY TRUMP SHOULD FIGHT BACK:ROGER Kimball speaks out. And add this from Roger KimballAnd also from Roger Kimball

LIKE EVERYTHING INVOLVED WITH THE IRAQ WAR, IT'S COMPLICATED:All true and many, many people involved are trying to explain their roles. The biggest mistake was the WMD claims which turn out to have been grossly overstated at a minimum.  Meanwhile this book is of questionable value based upon this article.  But, who to believe when there are so many conflicting POVs.

EXPLANATION OF NSA/OBAMA ADMIN RULES CHANGE IN JANUARY '16: The Obama crowd was up to something here. Does it make sense?  HERE'S SOMETHING ELSE TO CONSIDER: ,Add this info to this story.

AMAZING STORY GOING ON IN HIGHER EDUCATION:This is all the result of misguided ideas about the value of a college degree.

IQ, RACE AND DR MURRAY:Progressives are killing us, literally.

RELIABLE SOURCE VDH REPORTS ON EVENTS:Bush, the wimp, at least fired all the DOJ attorneys when he came into office.

KEEP AN EYE ON OFA: This is Obama's private army he set up while in the WH to agitate after he was term limited.

AN ARGUMENT WHY DEMS LOST:Difficult to understand argument.Which is not to say he may have some points.  Going back to the '30's, the democrats have always been for concentration in the economy.  Then through cartels and promoting industries to fix prices and wages at high levels through industry association policies.  They encouraged the monopolization of business back then.

SESSIONS'S SPEECH ON CRIME FIGHTING:Getting away from the ridiculous Obama indictment of police strategy>Which didn't work in the first place and furthermore abetted social unrest.  Criminals belong behind bars, period!

VALERIE PLAME AND FLYNN: Democrats are good at playing dirty pool.

NOT A GOOD IDEA: Trip by Jay Nordlinger through the new Blacksonian Museum in DC.