Monday, August 7, 2017

Tuesday, August 7, 2017

SOME OF TRUMP'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE:Impressive considering Democrat B.S.: All this is a nightmare for libs.  Good. They have earned it.

EGADS, 1984 ALL OVER:This ia scary stuff. Big company mind control is no better than state mind control. Having just finished a book about the Krupp family company in Germany, the parallels between Google and Krupp are eerily similar.  Best not to forget the Krupp Company became one of the biggest and mostt enthusiastic supporters of the Hitler regime.  The mind-control of their employees was total.  In fact they were a mini totalitarian state within a totalitarian political system.  And therein lies the danger.  The Krupp company trained and prepared its hundreds of thousands of workers for the Hitler totalitarian death machine and eventually even ran work concentration camps as evil as the camps run by the Nazis. .Follow up item.

SOWELL VS, GALBRAITH:No contest. Galbraith is in over his Harvard head.

CONRAD BLACK ASTUTE ANALYSIS:The peaceable civil war is here. Now what?

DEEP STATE DESCRIPTION:Loosely defined this is the problem. "They know best."

THE FUTURE OR A JOKE:Who knows this could be the answer to the FRS and its continual failure.


NOT AGAIN AT YALE:Will they never learn to stop beclowning themselves at New Haven?

OH SURE, IT'S DISCRIMINATION:Not! It's really just politics and bullshit.

ZOMBIE COMPANIES:Japan is falloff them. Equals sluggish growth at best.

NOT NEWS BUT STILL DISTURBING:This author has very real credentials. Very disturbing.This analysis is one I have believed for some time, i.e., that Obama's election (twice) was very suspicious, considering his lack of qualifications and experience.  It and he had to be orchestrated by powerful forces which we know for certain included George Soros.  Once in office Obama's team successfully seeded all Federal agencies with extreme leftists and the result, finally, was Trump whose election at the very least stopped the runaway train.  All those extremists are far from expunged from office so what we see is a desperate rear guard fight to preserve their gains.

WHADDAYAKNOW A CORRUPT MEDIA:These folks need to start over. Corruption turns on itself.Mollie Hemingway  is a bright,uncorrupted reporter  who's unusually perceptive.  Fox News see this and is including her in their nightly news program with Bret Bair. Here\ she exposes the media's technique in covering democrat party people caught in compromising situations.  Witness Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

YES, IT'S THE GOVERNMENT DEBT BUBBLE AGAIN:And why don't people care? Very good question. Maybe because they don't want to consider the consequences.

STORY OF GOOD AND EVIL:Klinghoffer murder by Muslim terrorists equal good vs evil.This should be a movie but won't because Hollywood doesn't believe in good or evil exists and must protect Muslims from rampant phobia of right wingers.

GOOGLE LEFTWING BIAS DISCUSSED:Why Silicon valley votes Democrat.This all may be the result of liberal indoctrination going back to the 1960's when all this began in earnest.

HERE'S YOUR DIVIDE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE:Comments are hysterical, and accurate.Hard to see how this all gets resolved. Somebody's going to win this struggle between the statist/collectivists and the individualist/anti-statists.  It's probably going to come down to the financial reckoning bound to occur because the debt and out-of-control Federal Reserve system is simply running out of options.  Sooner or later the debt/leverage condition in the world today will have to be dealt with.  That will come as a shock to many people.

REP. STEVEN KING OF IOWA UNLOADS:THE SWAMP better shut this guy up quick.I wasn't aware of this congressman's efforts before but it would be nice if a few of the RINOS would support his efforts.  Of course they won't because they don't want to rock the boat for fear their nice little sinecures, aka as rackets) would disappear.  The SWAMP is fetid and beyond draining as much as Trump may want to.  It's clear by now that the SWAMP was exactly what Trump was running against and is the reason he won.  No other Republican mentioned taking on the SWAMP to anything like the degree Trump did because they are supportive of its existence and dependent on it as well.  Herein lies the resistance Trump is finding everywhere he urns in Washington.  While there are pockets of resistance to the SWAMP and efforts to drain it, Representativ King an obvious one, they are few and without any support.  This condition will prevail until sufficient numbers of Kings are elected to Congress, a circumstance unlikely to prevail as long as we have the 17th Amendment and the balkanization of voting, and the knee-jerk support of unions for the Democrat Party.

THE EDUCATION SWAMP IS PRETTY BAD TOO:How do these people get into these positions?It would be interesting to see the hiring process unclose now, wouldn't it?

CAN MUSLIMS INTEGRATE:The simple answer is no. Lest one thinks he's a nut. And then there's THIS.

CONSERVATIVES CREDO:From Burke to Adams. There's a difference, but not much of one.

AFRICAN CHALLENGE:What does the West do about this problem.Since it's unPC to talk about it, or maybe even racist, everything done to encourage a better life there a la Gates & co., seems to compound the problem.  Colonialism was the answer but was abruptly stopped before it could spread thereby depriving those so-called countries of the benefit of a civic education.  There are nations in sub-saharan Africa that benefited, e.g. South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana.  But the rest are left with no institutions with which to organize a reasonable civilized existence.  No one knows what to do because there are now 1.2 billion Africans and the population is fast growth.  Macron has identified this problem and is being excoriated for his comments.  He is right that to throw money at these "countries" in the pursuit of improving their lives in many ways exacerbates the problem.  Talk about conundrums.

POLITICAL SPYING BY OBAMA ADMIN: These people would do anything to accomplish their mission of staying in power  There should be many people behind bars for this chicanery.  It's likely there will ben none.

MESSAGE FOR MILLENIALS:Canadian professor talks about self realization for millennial.Very interesting program offered by this professor to free millennial from mindlessly following the herd which leads to socialism, and other collectivist orientation.  His plan for changing the world.

DEFINITION OF PROGRESSIVE:Just about the size of it. Progressives are anti freedom at every level.

A SIMPLE QUESTION:Why Trump was elected.It's clear we have a failed political class.  Any country that would elect the likes of Barak Obama, and come lose to electing the likes of Hillary, is in trouble.  Trump is a reaction to that kind of leadership.  He may or may not succeed, but he is a major protest vote against squishy, social justice driven candidates who do not understand existential threats.  There do not appear to be many true leaders on the horizon, defined as one who understands freedom and who understand his first priority is the safety of the citizens of his country.

WHY AVERAGE AMERICANS ARE UPSET: They have no shame. This particular outrage is but one of many such hypocritical acts by Congress to take care of themselves as a privileged class. They only think this would go unnoticed because they are arrogant and they don't think anyone notices. Truth is there are many voters who don't notice because they are simply stupid and there are many who don't care because they are taken care of by their representatives with free stuff.  Nevertheless when R's are in power attention is brought to these outrages unlike when Dems are in power, even though many, if not most R's, are as nefarious as their Dem colleagues.  We don't need or deserve a professional political class in this country which is what we have.

HOW SECURITY WORKS:And its effect on society. Or why we are seeing a breakdown in governance.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL OR NOT?:Here's an argument against the elite school.

WHY TRUMP WON AND WHAT'S NEXT.:Interesting and plausible speculation.

THE PRINCE AT WORK:Trump may, or may not, be one step ahead of everyone in this matter. Time will tell. And HERE'S MORE more on leaking and the NYT.

THIS REFORM IS OVERDUE:Repubs need to act on this while they have the votes. They probably won't.

FIRING MUELLER:Mueller is a stooge of the Deep State, period.

SNOWFLAKES EVERYWHERE MUST BE PROTECTED:1984 has arrived with a vengeance.

INSPIRING.  GOOD GOV'T AT WORK:Very important gov't work.

BONIFIDE HEALTHCARE REFORM:No market works without a pricing mechanism. Here is one that works b/c there's a pricing mechanism.


IF HALF TRUE IT'S BIGTIME SCANDAL:All involved are Democrats. They are not patriots.

VDH ANALYSIS:Seems about right although complicated.

WOW. THIS IS BIG:Finally, a real scandal with legal ramifications for Democrats. Add this brief piece to the mix.

AN INTERESTING BLOGSITE;Just happened upon site.  Interesting blogger.  Vietnam vet plus author of several books available on site.

OBAMA ON THE LOOSE IN POLITICS:Electing this clown was easily the worst decision ever by the electorate. That choice makes one wonder how these thing happen.

HILARIOUS AND SADLY TRUE:Simonmoes his homework on investigations.Everything is not as it appears on the surface. Back to my favorite theory: For Democrats governing and government is their true vocation.  They rarely start business that hire people; maybe lobby but not ones that produce a product and create wealth.  Just not in their DNA.  Politics to them is all about exercising power and feathering their personal nests along the way.  The super wealthy like Buffett, Zuckerman, Gates, Soros, are all about either creating a close relationship with political poobahs in the exercise of crony capitalism, or are assuaging some inchoate sense of guilt over their booty.  Based on their multiple mansions and apartments in the right cities, plus the way the travel in luxury and so fort, this social justice magnanimity is not very deep in their conscientiousness.  Who knows, they just may be poisoning themselves in the event we have another French 1789 and the guillotines reappear in the hands of real SJWs.  At any rate as Charles Krauthammer once said if you don't get the politics right, sooner or later nothing else works.  I think he's right about that.  Right now our politics is really screwed up.  In fact, it may be setting new standards for corruption beyond all history in this country, including Tammany Hall days in New York, and all the other machines that ran big cities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in this country.

GERLENTER AT YALE:A conservative deep thinker, Renaissance man.

HOROWITZ DESCRIBES O'S FOREIGN POLICY:Too bad R's are spineless wimps, otherwise O never would have gotten away with wrecking the ME.


Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

AMAZON TAKEOVER PUSHBACK:The negatives about Bezos and Amazon.

GUARANTEED TO COME TO NO GOOD END:And libs want us to be more like Europe? Geez!

AFFH IS THE UNKNOWN RESULT RESULT OF SOCIALISM: Obama's legacy. A pact with the devil.

WHERE OF DOES THIS SHAT END?:These people are out of control. The Deep State strikes big time.

HERE'S THE ISSUE IN A NUTSHELL:My how liberal values change. But that's really no surprise, is it?  If you don't believe in something you'll believe in anything.  Liberals are lost.

GO MAN GO:This diatribe is highly justified. Get rid of all of them.

JUST MAYBE THE CLINTONS WILL PAY FOR THEIR MISDEEDS:These mysterious deaths have been going on as long as the Clintons have been around.  This is a message to anyone looking to expose BO's sordid past associations and history.

THE LEFT'S LONG STRATEGY:Propaganda and disinformation.

RAND PAUL IS RIGHT:Not unlike his father he understands the Austrian economic school. And free markets!

HOOVER WEIGHS  IN ON HEALTHCARE DEBATE;The grand debunker at work.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

IT JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE:Tis only gets better when blacks take responsibility for their own fate, stop blaming others and free themselves from the poisonous nostrums of the criminal Democrat Party.

ASTUTE REPORTING ON GOP PROBLEM:They're just too busy protecting their prerogatives, perks and the like. This reporter bears watching as he's onto the elites and establishment repubs.  It is all about protecting their status, jobs and cushy lifestyles.  They are simply too much a part of the Washington establishment, the Uniparty.  Rock the boast, they say, but not too much.  We need real change types to lead the struggle against fascist left.

PEW SURVEY:My results:Business conservative

SITE FOR PEW QUIZ:Go here to take the quiz.

HOLY MACKEREL:This is a national disaster.It is going on across the country and getting worse by the day.  No-one, as in no one can afford to send their children to public schools.  It is past time for parents to remove their children from these cesspits of socialism and start over with locally organized, parentally controlled schools that return teaching to its proper role.  this is all the work of Bill Ayers and the radicals from the '60's.  It is pernicious nonsense and must be stopped.

DEMISE OF EPISCOPAL CHURCH:Sounds like radical feminism at work overtime.Egad, what's next for this secularists?  They've got the public schools, the work place, Hollywood, universities, media and now the clergy and the episcopate.  There's nothing left.

MEDIA HAS IMPLODED:The only question now is what follows?


LOTSA TRUTH IN THIS ANALYSISHad Shrilary won the best to hope for would be France, or some other squishy Euronation.

GLOBAL WARMING HOKUM:And don't forget Algore became filthy rich peddling his blull****.

DOUCHE-BAG REPUBLICANS:There's always more to the story than meet the eye. Answers the question why the Republicans are so reluctant to deal with the Obamacare mess.  They must protect the hospitals and insurance companies.  This issue has been corrupted beyond repair.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017

WHAT COLLEGE BOUND SHOULD READ:Only a partial list, of course.

WHY THE MEDIA IS FAILING FAST:This Wapo story tells the whole tale of Fake News. Disgraceful and bad for Democracy.

GOD BLESS MILTON FREIDMAN:He has helped disabuse many from the notion Socialism works.Too bad more people haven't heard or read this learned man's wisdom.  He is a direct descendant of Adam Smith and Edmund Burke.

WHY LEFT IS FAILING:About the size of it.

EVIL KOCH BROTHERS:All good works undone by capitalism.

PLANTER FOR VERO:This might be the answer to a patio at VB.

GLOBAL DEBT MONSTROSITY:Ignore Jim Rogers at your own peril.This issue cannot be swept under the rug.  Too much debt chocks off enterprise.  Rogers has been on this kick for many years and the problem has only gotten worse with each paint year.  Heaven forbid ignoring this problem has made it exponentially worse every year.  Now what?


TWEETING BY TRUMP:VDH decides he's not sure if it's good or bad idea.

ATTACK ON LIBERTARIANS:Jonah Goldberg defends.

ABOUT PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY: Chronic pain explained.


WHY LIBERALS CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED:Shameful thinking,shamefuly touting evil. Liberals are sick in the mind.