Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

IT'S ALL-OUT THE COST OF LABOR:Not sure Trump gives a rat's ass about anything long term.This is what conservative ere worried about.  He's a wheeler-dealer but not a conservative.  But, he's ten time better than the alternative of Hillary, so I'll take him.

SEAN PENN AND THE IDIOCY OF HOLLYWOOD:This clown thinks he's brilliant and articulate. He follows Noam Chomsky, and that tells one everything.  Trouble with liberals is they know a lot but it's all wrong.  Ahat's more, they always seem to draw the wrong conclusions from life.  Penn makes 20 million per film and is opposed to the system that allows this.  He does not, however, stop making the films that make him rich and among the 1/10th of 1 percent of the population.  It's easy to be a hypocrite knowing there are no consequences to ones hypocrisy.

WHY IS SOROS ANTI AMERICAN?: The man is not all that American even if he's a citizen.

SABATO'S ANALYSIS:SABATO' unusually reasonable analysis.

BRILLIANT ANALYSIS OF O'S LEGACY: Conrad Black outdoes himself with this one.  Take a bit of exception with presenting O as a genial sort with the best interests of the US at heart.  He was/is and American hater who fundamentally wanted to change the direction and cutture of the country.  In addition as an idiotic "community organizer" he surrounded himself with mindless children who were there because they worshipped his palaver and coolness.  They provided no counterbalance to his worst instincts and judgment, which were most of his instincts and judgments.  Ben Rhodes, anyone!! Valerie Jarrett, anyone??? And look at the heads of all the ministries with the exception of FBI and even that one was possibly tainted.  This was a man with no real world experience and was in charge of the world's largest and most important democracy.  What kind of abject foolishness is that?  Please!  Thomas Sowell, like others of us, saw immediately that this man was a fraud and that only Democrat Party was capable of electing such as he.  This was truly an unfortunate election and a waste of eight years, time needed to get the country back on track from the lackluster Bush years, preceded by the lackluster Bush-Clinton years.  About the only growth experienced in the US economy for the last 25 years has been government bureaucracies, regulations and social discourse.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day.  Looks like Hillary.  Batten down the hatches.

THESE STATS ARE TROUBLING:More people working for the government than work in manufacturing???

OUT-OF-STEP WEIRDO PROFESSOR; CConservative professor at Yale?

RESULTS IN. TRUMP WINSMark Steyn was right going back before Trump was even nominated. This, is a very astute political observer. An amazing story.  Steyn has a touch that few others do regarding American politics.  Maybe its because he's a native born Canadian, now an American naturalized citizens, who simply see things more clearly.  He's always ben perceptive but these predicttion going back before the primaries are positively eerie.  Eerily right.  Wow.  I'm impressed!

WELL PUT: Don't know this author but h's right on many levels.

IF TRUE DITCH THE POLLSTERS:Maybe they just didn't poll the right people.

SHELBY STEELE IS RIGHT: This should be required reading by liberals everyday until they go mad, or agree

GREAT EXPLANATION OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE:It's all about a boxing match scoring analogy AND HERE'S ANOTHER PRO EC COLUMN: If toy don't respect federalism you're for popular vote determinant.

COULD'NT AGREE MORE: Bolton speaks knowledgeably and directly. Think Kerry's opposite.

WHAT TRUMP HAS AHEAD OF HIM:The spending machine is out of control.

THE PROGRESSIVES HAVE THE SCHOOLS:When you have the youth you will have the revolution. The sad truth is the youth have been coopted by the educates and professoriate and are now in the vanguard of the progressive takeover, Trump notwithstanding.

A MODERN MARX: Pinkerty is a french socialist.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016

GOLD SERIES SEMINAR: The Glorious Revolution  How Parliament became powerful

SHAKESPEARE'S CO-WRITER(S)?: Modern forensics say Marlowe was a definite collaborationist and there may have been others.

WARREN BUFFETT, AGAIN?: Enviroradicals and our government at work to protect a grand libera;?.Warren Buffett owns the railway that currently transports file from the Dakota to the midwestern refineries and would be put out of business by the pipeline.  Warren Buffett is a flaming liberal, especially when it comes to the government protecting his companies from competition.  His interests in taxing the rich more directly benefits his life insurance cash cow company(s) that have invested the premium proceeds in his acquisition of other companies for decades.  The higher the taxes on the rich the more the rich buy the tax free life insurance offered by Buffett to avoid the consequences of punitive income and death taxes.  Nice racquet but don't trust Buffett as a spokesperson for Democrats, he's actually benefitting mightily from their spread the wealth policies.

FBI RETIRED AGENT SPEAKS OUTHow does Comey respond to this?Probably cannot.  The evidence is fairly conclusive that Comey was involved in an employment or job enabled by the Clinton Foundation and that this job netted him millions.  It looks like he has been compromised as simply one more hack in the orbit of the Clinton and their corrupt empire.  Somewhere, some time, these people are going to have to pay for these sins against the American public.


MAJOR INFLUENCE PEDDLING IN WASHINGTON.: This, folks, is how corruption works. To which I would add my own experience on the board of the MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council) in 1975 or thereabouts, during which I watched Washington-based lawyers get their teeth into the L.A.-based MIC and convince the members they needed to provide funding for political outreach to members of Congress.  Multiply the sales effort I observed over a few years in the '70's by all the trade associations in the country and you begin to see how the political power came to be concentrated in Washington DC.  Veery clever, subtle and effective salesmanship by many young and aggressive lawyers.

CALIFORNIA IS IN DECLINE: HANSON is a life-long resident of farmland California (near Fresno) who knows. He also loves California, is rooted there with ownership of a family farm, and he's a historian of note.

A BOOK TO BUY:Especially when it comes out on Kindle or Audibl

CHECK BACK HERE AFTER ELECTION: Check here after election in 11 days.Artificial intelligence at work predicts Trump win.

KIM STREUSEL OF WSJ:This is what the left's about. Beware, if Hillary wins it will get much, much worse.

WHY THE CLINTONS SHOULD BE INCARCERATED: Very apparent RICO statutes apply to the Foundation's work.


EPSTEIN ON SALVOES OF YALE:He's just another squishy, loser liberal whose thinking and policies are destroying the Republic.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


ENVIRONMENTAL CON EXPLAINED:Just another version of Marxism.

WHERE WFBJR GOT INSPIRATION?This is the definition of faith.

VOICES THAT NEED TO BE HEARD: Mr Owens has it exactly right. The worst possible outcome of this election for blacks would be Hillary's party.

ELOQUENT PITCH FOR TRUMP: He's really the only shot we have at saving the Republic.

ABOUT THE SIZE OF IT:Hillary would be a disaster several magnitudes greater than Trump or even her husband.

Re[ublican Party leading to totalitarian form of government eventually. I confess to having similar thoughts from time to time.  Hillary is a walking, talking basket case of a candidate who will make a terrible president, maybe even worse than Obama.  But, since Trump is NOT a conservative but an unprincipled business operative, his reign would be even worse because he'd be rolled by the bureaucracy and anyone who has a scheme that he thinks would make him look good.  Meantime he doesn't give a rat's ass about the size of government, the restoration of constitutional representative government, the rule of law, equal opportunity under that law, government spending limits, the runaway banking system and the dtysfunctioning economy.  Like he's a anal ventriloquist who leads via intimidation, outright threats, manipulation and bribery.  In short he has no redeeming qualities.  Better to elect Hillary, let her fail as she surely will, reconstruct the Republican Party along conservative lines and principles, and go for 2020 in a big way.  In other words write off four more years.  This scenario may be even worse than the Trump one, but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

MEDIA SHAMING: Stray from the reservation and you're toast in medialand.

CORPORATIONS VS STATE: Interesting discussion on capitalism, especially comments.

MAEXISM AND PROGRESSIVES:They narrowly define tolerance.

THE REPUBLIC'S IN TROUBLE:Should HRC win the Republic is finished; who knows with Trump.  Trump is an in the moment businessman who really has no vision other than his "greatness" theme that no-one knows what it means.  Hillary's vision is where the country is today only more of the same.  Hers would produce the outcome that would destroy what's left of the Republic as we used to know it.