Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

VON MISES TO THE RESCUE: It helps to have actually lived the problem. Most economists are Keynesians and talk is abstract trims about solutions to problems like Venezuela's or don't talk about them in the first place.

A PARTIAL ANSWER TO WHAT'S HAPPENING:Of all the excuses offered for this behavior the one that sticks is they cannot do the work.  And the there's THIS.  And for the full story there's this book.

I'M ON BOARD: Cooking steak is an art form. Ribeye is the best.

ENDOWMENTS UNDER THE GUN: Inevitable since taxes go where the money is.

INTERESTING ANIT-TRUMP ARGUMENT: But in the end Hillary is a worse bet than Trump because of her 100% commitment to social justice and social engineering.Also when making an anti-Trump case for the presidency, the last person I would quote to support my case would be David Brook.  You will remember this faux conservative thought Obama would make a great president.  He also noted approvingly the crease in Obama's trousers.  Since Obama had no experience in the commercial whorl, had never "worked" for a living, had only the experience of a community organizer, an adjunct professor and a politician. Hardly great qualifications, in fact no qualifications.

THIS IS THE ONLY REASON TO SUPPORT TRUMP: It's a case of fighting fire with fire, which country club Repubs are never willing to do.

COMMON SENSE: Why is this so difficult to understand and act upon?

THE CLINTONS AND "ACCIDENTS": It all seems so implausible and yet its the Clintons,  nothing's implausible.

THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS THAT FOLLOW TELL IT LIKE IT IS: Fernndez has articulated and defined the issues surrounding present day politics and how it came to pass that the world seems to be coming apart at the seams.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NEW OBAMA/HOLDER DECEPTIONS EXPOSED: Turns out the Department of Justice under former Attorney General Eric Holder used the power of government to force settlements on Bank of America, Citicorps and other financial industry titans that required them to make millions of dollars in contributions to “community groups,” including many that are political favorites of President Obama and advocates for more government regulation.
Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group reports on a briefing Friday by the Cause of Action Institute and Rep. Sean Duffy, the Wisconsin Republican who is chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee on oversight and investigations. It’s bad enough that these big banks routinely collude with the government on regulation; here they are found submitting themselves and their abundant resources to serve the liberal political agenda.
“Among the political activist groups favored favored by the settlements is La Raza, the nation’s largest Hispanic activist organization that routinely supports Democratic candidates and causes. Cecilia Munoz, a La Raza senior vice president, was appointed by Obama in 2012 to head the White House Domestic Policy Council.
“La Raza is flush with money, reporting in 2013 to the IRS assets of $55 million. Janet Murguia, the group’s president and CEO was paid $417,000 that year, according to the group’s IRS tax return. Even so, La Raza is slated to receive at least $1 million from the Bank of America settlement and $500,000 from the Citigroup settlement,” according to Pollock.
There is more here to this story, much, much more, and all of it is worth reading. Just be careful to keep some nitro pills handy in case you have a weak heart because this stuff will make your blood boil. This is a story of liberal politicians using the power of government to divert millions of dollars slated for folks suffering in 2008′s housing meltdown to political groups, all to advance their personal and political agendas.

WHY GOP'S IN TROUBLE: And why both parties are failing.

HEAVY AND A BIT SCARY: Hints of neo-Nazi stuff.

A ONE MAN FREE ENTERPRISE WRECKING CREW: This guy has done enough damage considering his contribution to the housing collapse.

PERSPECTIVE ON FDR: Much more harm than good.

THE LEFT AT WORK: This is getting worse and worse.BLM movement is a Marxist attempt to take over the education establishment. They don't have to try very hard, the blacks in the '60's pretty much accomplished that, is why there are so many useless course of study in schools around the country.

WHAT IS TRANSGENDER ALL ABOUT: This is at least a coherent explanation of what's going on with the bathroom edicts of Obama. Come to think of it when's the last time anyone heard Obama or any other liberal discuss the concept of freedom of the individual to live his life as he wants to.  I cannot ever remember a liberal discussion freedom in this context.

WISDOM OF THE AGES: Free trade is timeless wisdom many do not comprehend.

SUPER PIECE BY THE INCOMPARABLE VDH: Glad this guy's on my side. VDH is a practical intellectual whose feet are firmly planted in reality.

HE'S STILL BETTER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE: So revealing. A natural born bully. Gonna be interesting!


KEN BURNS REDUX:.Qualifies as an artist with a liberal perspective.

WHY TRUMP CAN/WILL WIN: The main reason is democrats are all in for political correctness, victimology, and gender identity politics. Demorats will get us all killed sooner or later.

SPEAKING FOR CONSERVATIVES: This truly is eye-opening. A vivid example of progressive rot.

KIDDIE CORPS:Obama surrounded himself with little Obamas. And what you get is a bunch of college juniors making policies that affect the rest of the whorl.  This was apparent from the beginning of this administration and is the reason why thinking people saw through Obama's candidacy from day one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

THE DANGEROUS LEFT: How WWII began and why.

FEDERAL RESERVES ROLE:  Where's Milton Freidman's computer?Freidman fmously remarked (in jest?) that the FRS should be replaced with a programmed growth percent in a computer.  What's wrong with that idea?

PIKETTY HAS FACTS WRONG: At least according to Robert Murphy

THERE'S A LOT HERE THAT MEETS THE EYE: Michael Walsh has more right than wrong here.
I cannot say I agree with all the points Walsh makes here (description of Libertarians is off, for example, and Iraq/Afghanistan wars were excusable, under the circumstances) but in the main he gets a lot right.  The Legislature must assert itself and take back its prerogatives.  Far too much power has been delegated by it to the other branches of the government.  Reign both other branches in, should be the new mantra.  HOWEVER, to accomplish this we need major reforms in the legislature itself.  The concept of the "professional" lawmaker has got to go.  Since when did it become a good idea for politics to become a profession and a career.  Very strict term limits are needed, plus putting a stop to the revolving door for politicians to seamlessly move from lawmaker to lobbyist and back.  Next let's find a way to limit the number of lawyers in the body politic, for God's sake.  Let's have more businessmen, more practical sorts, more variety to represent all factions of the general population.  Demagogues should be shunned from the public square.  All this has to start with how we get our news and the sources that provide it.  Corporate news providers for profit like Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, need to be held strictly accountable for their management of this vital public service.  Given the First Amendment, this is a touchy subject, but one that needs thought because these organizations are subtly, and dangerously skewing the news in ways that are not in the public interest.  One example:  The "protection" of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama over the serial lies about the cause of the Benghazi raid and death of four Americans.  Democrat Party supporting news agencies from CBS to the NYTimes failed to get at the truth of what happened there and in fact enabled the Democrats to obfuscate the facts to the point Barak Obama won a second term when in fact he should have been held accountable.  This is outrageous and demonstrates the uselessness of these corporate news agencies as responsible reporters of the facts and circumstances of events that affect lives.  There's more, much more that needs to be done to protect the interests of all the people and turning the reigns of government over to corrupt political parties will not get it done.

THE CONSERVATIVE CREED: Sign me up for all these reforms and return to sanity.

THE MAKING OF OBAMA'S FOREIGN POLICY: And why it has failed so miserably.

DEFAULT SOVEREIGN DEBT?He can't be serious, can he?

HOW BLACKS WERE BETRAYED BY DEMOCRATS: It's now a vicious circle of dependency, voting for democrats, more dependency, etc, etc.

AN INSIGHT.There's truth here.

A BOOK TO READ:  Sounds very interesting.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2015

ABCT IN CURRENT CONTEXT: Why do they fight it so?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DISAGREE WITH HERE: But then we all know socialism doesn't work, don't we???

LBJ'S LEGACY OF BIG GOVERNMENT: No matter how you slice it, the '60's was a decade of utter disaster. And the legacy of that decade haunts us to this day.  Self reliance, individual responsibility, and other important values that produce a successful society were lost in that decade of establishing big government to control the lives of everyone.  The miracle is the economy has continued to be largely productive inspire of the massive government intervention through programs and regulations and bureaucracy.  The once expanding middle class is now contracting.  Where will that lead us?

VOLCKER IS BORED: Do these gurus have a clue? Or is the economy out of control?

A BRITISH AUDIENCE DISCUSSES ISLAM:They are finally, slowly, coming to grips with this Muslim disaster. It's the belief system that's at the root of the problem.

WHY WE'RE DEAD BROKE: It's beyond belief and beyond fixing. We are now looking at a highly paid people with make work jobs in a division of a government department out looking for work.  We have have government waste on vivid display in the video.  This clearly does not end well.  The next president has to face the fact this country is essentially in the same financial shape as Greece and now Puerto Rico and at this point in time has few options to deal with the impending implosion.  There is no one talking about the on the campaign trail.  The media are simply witless tools who do not understand anything about where we are at this point in time.                                  

UGLY TIMES TO BEGIN: Is Armageddon on the horizon? It sure looks like it if you connect VDH's dots, or is he far too pessimistic?

TESLA ANALYZED: Does it eventually succeed in the marketplace or not? Doesn't appear to be likely as the economics don't compute, at least for many years to come.

AS USUAL SOWELL NAILS IT: Trump is Obama squared is just about right.

QUESTIONING REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: Edmund Burke would have an interesting take on this subject. As I recall when Burke was elected MP from Manchester (I think) he told his constituents he believed he was elected to represent the best interests of the nation, not just those of Manchester.  They rejected this position and he lost his seat upon reelection.  He then went on to be "elected: MP from an obscure district safe for conservatives, and served the nation admirably for many years.

ALL BRILLIANT GURUS REFLECT ABCT: It's not a coincidence that they do. As it happens you can either have free markets or not.  Like pregnancy, there's not a little bit of it.  The Austrians saw all this clearly in the middle of Europe while others were falling in love with Socialism.

EVEN MUSEUMS ARE POLITICIZED: These progressives are everywhere and exerting influence disproportionate to their real numbers.

THE GREATEST DEPRESSION IS HERE: It will be different from the last on but just as devastating. Here are a few suggestions on how to survive.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday, April1, 2016

AN OBAMA PRESIDENCY SUMMARY FOR THE AGES: Hard to believe this twerp has any supporters left. However, when you think about it he's been a failure since the opening bell and was elected twice.  This simple fact does not give one much confidence in the American democracy at this point in time.

ANYONE SURPRISED?:But why would they be?

HERE IS BIAS, BIG TIME: Why it's fruitless to argue with liberals.

EXTREMELY HELPFUL EXPLANATION:To get at the root of PC and much of the rest of the foolish thinking today.

HILLARY'S SINISTER PAST: And she may be POTUS. Good Lord!

CALIFORNIA IN TROUBLE: Well yea, after 40 years of control by unions and their spear carriers in the legislature, what would one expect?

THIS IS TRUE: And we'd best get on board with this fact or society is going further south.Want to know what Prager is talking about go to small-town America and see how in many the church helps knit the community in so many ways.  Secularism taken to it's conclusion will be the undoing of our way of life.  Secularism is defined by the 20th century movements of socialism, communism, fascism, national socialism, democratic socialism and on and on.  They are all destructive.  Something has to bring people together.  It's not government.  It's not secularism.  It's not capitalism per se.  John Adams had it right. Lincoln had it right.  Reagan had it right.

KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS: Have to wonder what he was smoking when he came up with his theories.

APRIL 1PARODY AT WORK AT STANFORD: This is rich and should be sent to all administrators at all schools.

FUNNY, FUNNY.:Some side splitters.

EXCELLENT SUMMARY OF CURRENT AFFAIRS: Sensible Hoover Institute analysis of ME war failure. Does not leave Bush off the hook, either.  Obama took a nasty situation and made it ten times worse  It's all a big shame.