Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2015

ABCT IN CURRENT CONTEXT: Why do they fight it so?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DISAGREE WITH HERE: But then we all know socialism doesn't work, don't we???

LBJ'S LEGACY OF BIG GOVERNMENT: No matter how you slice it, the '60's was a decade of utter disaster. And the legacy of that decade haunts us to this day.  Self reliance, individual responsibility, and other important values that produce a successful society were lost in that decade of establishing big government to control the lives of everyone.  The miracle is the economy has continued to be largely productive inspire of the massive government intervention through programs and regulations and bureaucracy.  The once expanding middle class is now contracting.  Where will that lead us?

VOLCKER IS BORED: Do these gurus have a clue? Or is the economy out of control?

A BRITISH AUDIENCE DISCUSSES ISLAM:They are finally, slowly, coming to grips with this Muslim disaster. It's the belief system that's at the root of the problem.

WHY WE'RE DEAD BROKE: It's beyond belief and beyond fixing. We are now looking at a highly paid people with make work jobs in a division of a government department out looking for work.  We have have government waste on vivid display in the video.  This clearly does not end well.  The next president has to face the fact this country is essentially in the same financial shape as Greece and now Puerto Rico and at this point in time has few options to deal with the impending implosion.  There is no one talking about the on the campaign trail.  The media are simply witless tools who do not understand anything about where we are at this point in time.                                  

UGLY TIMES TO BEGIN: Is Armageddon on the horizon? It sure looks like it if you connect VDH's dots, or is he far too pessimistic?

TESLA ANALYZED: Does it eventually succeed in the marketplace or not? Doesn't appear to be likely as the economics don't compute, at least for many years to come.

AS USUAL SOWELL NAILS IT: Trump is Obama squared is just about right.

QUESTIONING REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: Edmund Burke would have an interesting take on this subject. As I recall when Burke was elected MP from Manchester (I think) he told his constituents he believed he was elected to represent the best interests of the nation, not just those of Manchester.  They rejected this position and he lost his seat upon reelection.  He then went on to be "elected: MP from an obscure district safe for conservatives, and served the nation admirably for many years.

ALL BRILLIANT GURUS REFLECT ABCT: It's not a coincidence that they do. As it happens you can either have free markets or not.  Like pregnancy, there's not a little bit of it.  The Austrians saw all this clearly in the middle of Europe while others were falling in love with Socialism.

EVEN MUSEUMS ARE POLITICIZED: These progressives are everywhere and exerting influence disproportionate to their real numbers.

THE GREATEST DEPRESSION IS HERE: It will be different from the last on but just as devastating. Here are a few suggestions on how to survive.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday, April1, 2016

AN OBAMA PRESIDENCY SUMMARY FOR THE AGES: Hard to believe this twerp has any supporters left. However, when you think about it he's been a failure since the opening bell and was elected twice.  This simple fact does not give one much confidence in the American democracy at this point in time.

ANYONE SURPRISED?:But why would they be?

HERE IS BIAS, BIG TIME: Why it's fruitless to argue with liberals.

EXTREMELY HELPFUL EXPLANATION:To get at the root of PC and much of the rest of the foolish thinking today.

HILLARY'S SINISTER PAST: And she may be POTUS. Good Lord!

CALIFORNIA IN TROUBLE: Well yea, after 40 years of control by unions and their spear carriers in the legislature, what would one expect?

THIS IS TRUE: And we'd best get on board with this fact or society is going further south.Want to know what Prager is talking about go to small-town America and see how in many the church helps knit the community in so many ways.  Secularism taken to it's conclusion will be the undoing of our way of life.  Secularism is defined by the 20th century movements of socialism, communism, fascism, national socialism, democratic socialism and on and on.  They are all destructive.  Something has to bring people together.  It's not government.  It's not secularism.  It's not capitalism per se.  John Adams had it right. Lincoln had it right.  Reagan had it right.

KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS: Have to wonder what he was smoking when he came up with his theories.

APRIL 1PARODY AT WORK AT STANFORD: This is rich and should be sent to all administrators at all schools.

FUNNY, FUNNY.:Some side splitters.

EXCELLENT SUMMARY OF CURRENT AFFAIRS: Sensible Hoover Institute analysis of ME war failure. Does not leave Bush off the hook, either.  Obama took a nasty situation and made it ten times worse  It's all a big shame.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

100 MAY BE TOO MANY:It's always something stress, anyone.

Price Controls May Be On the Way

If you thought negative interest rates were as bad as it could get with central banks, you might be in for a surprise. Central banks have been so spectacularly unsuccessful with their accommodative monetary policies that they are discussing pulling out all the stops to get the results they want. They fail to realize that the reason prices aren’t rising is because they really want and need to fall. Bad debts weren’t liquidated during the last financial crisis, the debtors were merely bailed out. Overpriced assets weren’t allowed to be reduced in price. Central banks pumped trillions of dollars into the economy to attempt to paper over the recession. Market forces want to drive prices down, while central banks attempt to prop them up. So what to do when central banks aren’t getting their way?
Central bankers may very well recommend price controls in an attempt to “jolt the economy out of its doldrums.” Of course, economies don’t go into doldrums and they can’t be jolted out of them. Recessions are not something endemic to the economy but are rather the result of central bank monetary intervention. Because central banks refuse to acknowledge their culpability for causing recessions, their methods for responding to recessions end up being more of the same thing that caused them in the first place: monetary easing. And now that those methods are proving ineffective, more drastic measures might be on the way. Remember that the last time all-out wage and price controls were implemented in the United States was in the early 1970s, also a time of great monetary turmoil. In fact, the price controls were instituted by President Nixon at the same time as he closed the gold window in 1971.
As Ludwig von Mises pointed out many decades ago, once you begin to institute price controls, you inevitably lead to socialism.
It must add to the first decree concerning only the price of milk a second decree fixing the prices of the factors of production necessary for the production of milk at such a low rate that the marginal producers of milk will no longer suffer losses and will therefore abstain from restricting output. But then the same story repeats itself on a remoter plane. The supply of the factors of production required for the production of milk drops, and again the government is back where it started. If it does not want to admit defeat and to abstain from any meddling with prices, it must push further and fix the prices of those factors of production which are needed for the production of the factors necessary for the production of milk. Thus the government is forced to go further and further, fixing step by step the prices of all consumers’ goods and of all factors of production — both human, i.e., labor, and material — and to order every entrepreneur and every worker to continue work at these prices and wages.
That is why no one should be surprised that the governments of Japan, Europe, and the United States might resort to price controls to try to achieve what monetary policy could not. It follows logically, after all, since central bankers are in the price-setting and price control game to begin with. The interest rates that central bankers target or set are themselves prices, prices of money being loaned overnight or of money being deposited with the central bank. The aim of targeting or setting those interest rates is to influence interest rates and prices in the broader economy. So if that limited price-fixing doesn’t work, governments will expand their efforts to fix even more prices. It may not come directly, at least at first, but rather through some sort of incentivization. Pressure may be brought to bear to raise wages, using tax policy as either a carrot or a stick. The aim and the effect, though, will be to move prices to where the government thinks they ought to be, not what the market can actually bear.
If price controls are in fact enacted, it will make it all the more obvious that economic planning on the parts of central banks and governments must be firmly opposed. It will separate the wheat from the chaff, those who actually support economic freedom from those who are willing to rationalize central planning. Anyone who claims to stand for free markets, free trade, and limited government but who attempts to defend the existence or importance of the Federal Reserve or central banking is a liar. Either you support free markets and freedom of pricing or you support central bank price-fixing and creeping socialism. There is no third way or middle road — socialism and the free market are mutually incompatible. A little bit of socialism in the form of price-fixing is like a little bit of gangrene, if left unchecked it will eventually infect and kill the whole. Now that governments and central banks may endorse further price controls as a remedy, the monetary policy facade has been torn away to reveal the reality that it is just another tool that leads to intensified central planning. Will enough people rise to the occasion to oppose further transgressions against monetary and economic freedom, or will they shrug their shoulders as our society continues to slouch toward socialism?

CRONY CAPITALISM IS ANTI COMPETITION: All this is straight out of the Austrian economists playbook. Very important to make markets competitive in order to stop the concentration of wealth at the top at the expense of everyone else.  All this has nothing to do with socialism which does not and cannot work.It has to do with putting competition back into capitalism and making the free markets work more to everyone's benefit.  Lobbying associations are not necessarily good for free markets.  Their activities should be severely restricted and their political influence eliminated.vReturn laissez-faire to do positive things for markets.

THERE ARE TWO SETS OF RULES: One for democrats and one for republicans; one for VIPs and one for the rest of us, And people wonder why Trump strikes a chord.  His underlying message that everyone understands is throw all the bums out and start over.  Ted Cruz offers the same message just without all the bombast, insults, and ignorance. Both parties are self serving, non-representative, and corrupt.  Both.  A pox on both houses.

THIS LEAVES ANYONE SPEECHLESS: Hard to believe this clown can say all this in seriousness. Obama was probably the one candidate with the most unvetted past in the history of the Republic and he has the chutzpah to stand before the world and make these idiotic remarks.  There has to be a school out there looking for a president with his chops to lead it once he is retired from making a fool of all of us all the time..  Probably more than imaginable.

NOTE THE COMPENSATION FOR THIS DEAN: Want to know why tuition costs 60K and up. One has to seriously wonder what is going on at institutions of so-called "higher learning" these days.  This Dean's action and language describing the event is a major embarrassment to this school and for that matter all universities engaged in this sort of foolishness.  That would include most all universities today.  It is long since time for a major reform of the administrations of all these schools, but how does that happen  Considering the makeup of the Boards of Trustees at these institutions (politically correct selection of elites who nest in the dominant liberal philosophy of the day) there is little chance of reform.  Plus the endowments (huge) of many schools insulate the administrations from annual fund-raising revolts. Finally, when the faculties of most schools vote 80-85% democrat, the indoctrination is overwhelming.  Probably a good idea for parents of college age children to begin looking for the handful of really conservative schools (Grove, Hillman, etc) left in the US and maybe find a few in England or elsewhere that are into education of the mind as opposed to indoctrination.

BUT WHERE DOES ALL THIS LEAD?: Microaggression? Oh puleez! This is dancing around the real issue which is the attempt to equalize education for unequal people. This has to stop.

OH MY GOD: This is really all there is to this fraud. It was apparent in 2007 that Obama was a fraud, that he had no idea of how the economy worked, that he had never worked in the private sector, that he was an ideologue of the first order.  Here he is about 8 years later pontificating about Marxism and Capitalism as though they were two sides of the same coin.  Clearly he has never read any von Mises, Hayek, or even Henry Hazlitt, nor has he read Keynes, nor Adam Smith for that matter.  It is clear he's read Karl Marx and a boatload of communist apologists, fellow  travelers and lightweight Marxist philosophers like Chomsky, and lightweight thinkers like William F Buckley's foil back in the '60's, 70'd sonf 80's.  That well over 50% of the American voters choose this economics illiterate to be their President tell you a lot more about the education of the average American than it does about anything else.  By and large the United States is a country of illiterates, which is a reflection of the state run education system that is controlled and directed by all powerful teachers unions.  When students should be learning about  the benefits of capitalism and how the division of labor, competition and free markets and trade result in abundance and wealth, they are learning about the unfairness of capitalism, the unequal distribution of wealth, the positive role of the state in controlling and managing free markets and the players in it.  As one liberal friend once told me, " I believe in capitalism but  fettered capitalism": and there you have it in a nutshell.  When I said the state understands "fettered" to mean control and managed by government agencies who are nothing but out-of-control bureaucracies bent on accruing power and growth, kinda like a deadly, viral cancer cell, we had nothing more to discuss.  It all boils down to liberals are socialists whose understanding of economics, human nature, incentives, competition, supply and demand, entrepreneurship and prices is simply not a part of their world view of social justice.  They cannot be engaged in a serious discussion about human action in economic terms because they have never learned why capitalism emerged and became the magnificent force for improving living conditions for literally millions of people. Unfortunately these very same liberals dominate the academic, political, entertainment and media worlds.  The road ahead will be rocky.

A PC VIEW FROM A FORMER PROFESSOR:When you're outnumbered 10 to 0ne, what chance do you have?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

IS THIS MAN A VIABLE CANDIDATE?: In this fractured political year, maybe so!

REDUCTIONIST MATERIALISM: What we've come to in the west, especially Europe. This is what a Godless world looks like.  Extreme materialism leads to nihilism and chaos.  Europe is very close to that condition, and we're getting close.

THE STENCH IS OVERWHELMING: hSome of this stuff is hard to believe.

IS TRUMP FIT TO GOVERN?: The elites of both parties are concerned that they will lose influence and income. There's something to this argument.  Trump has spent his business lifetime working around, through, against and with the bureaucracies (and elites) to get what he wants.  That probably takes a good deal of moxie, and guts, to accomplish.  Does he really believe this system he has milked successfully for so long is in need of restructuring, or is he just posturing for effect?  Recall The Terminator was going to reform the corrupt system in California.  He joined the crowd after the unions unleashed the hounds.


IT'S THE ONLY ANSWER: Is it any surprise members of Congress keep avoiding this issue? Members of Congress are children.  They have neither common sense nor judgement, nor a sense of responsiblety.  19 trillion in debt is the result.

A VERY SORDID CASE: DUKE should pay a severe price for this shameful episode. Recent rumor has it one of the accused received a settlement of 20 million for this rape of justice.

NYTIMES OPINES ON FOX, ET AL: They're brainwashing all their viewers. But, is objecting to his is left wingthe liberal mush of the Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, et al brainwashing?  Liberals firmly believe their is only one correct world view, theirs.  This is why Fox, et al exist and the totalitarians don't like it one bit.

OBAMA'S DECISION ON SYRIA: Atlantic Magazine's long article on Obama's decision not to defend the red line in Assad's Syria. The consequences of his decision are still being felt.  The man is afraid to utilize the power of the US under ANY circumstances.  He still blames Bush for the ME chaos.  He's a very typical liberal in this sense, who happened to be surrounded by a gaggle of liberals who worried about the damage his decision would do to US prestige around the world.  To this date Obama thinks he made the right decision (to back down) and he may be the only one to think that at this point.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

CAN'T BE ANY CLEARER: CRB speaks clearly and effectively. Truth is liberals believe government is a necessary force for good, redistributing wealth, caring for those left behind, etc.  In reality government is a business and people attracted to it to make their living are simply following the usual success formula for any successful business.  You either grow or you are taken over by a competitor who is growing.  Government grows in order to provide more opportunities for its employees, and that is why bureaucracies never go away even after they have accomplished their original objective or goal.  They will simply redefine their goals or create variations on the theme, go back to their pals in Congress and ask for more money which is always forthcoming because their enablers in Congress want to make everyone happy in order to "earn" their vote.  "Yes"  always earns more votes than "no". James Turnham's little book "The Suicide of the West", written in the early 1960's, explains the thinking and mindset of liberals.  The video above makes the case well also.

SOCIALIST DON'T AND CAN'T GET IT: Those who have eyes and can not see...

OBAMA THE NARCISSIST:  Boy is this profile ever true. Like all liberals, Obama is delusional about human nature which leads to his bad diagnosis of all events.  As long as a person like this, think Hitler, think Stalin, think Mao, is surrounded by adoring worshippers the more delusional he becomes.  Always right, never in doubt is the mantra of this personalty.  He was unfit for this job from the beginning and yet aspired to it and was enabled by those who want to follow, who want salvation through another human here on earth, in the here and now.  There was no one along the way, not his parents, not his wife, certainly not his friends who identified his narcissism and called him out on it.  So it only got worse.  And, as long as there are people in the world who want to be led, who want to follow, we will have Obamas.

CALIFORNIA IS DYING:And no one has chronicled this sad development better over the years than VDH.  This man has lived among these legal and illegal immigrants because he owns a family farm in rural California.  He knows but because his message and solutions from the right he's not listened to.  The problem worsens and we are beginning to see the results of not addressing any of the causes. In the countryside California has been overtaken by the immigrants and chaos is reigning.  Enter Donald Trump.

THOUGHTFUL PERSPECTIVE ON CURRENT EVENTS: THE answer isn't easy but a booming economy would certainly help.

RUDYARD KIPLING: PRESCIENT STORY TELLER: As told by an American short story teller who was a contemporary.

Washington state's charter schools savedin dramatic fashion: Effective Democracy at work.