Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday, December 10,2017

PIKETTY IN THE NEWS:He's all about income inequality.

COLLEGE FOR ALL: Definitely not and here's why from this economist.

THE DEEP STATE CORRUPTION RUNS DEEP: Oh what tangled webs we make when once we begin to lie. Or something.

EATING ITS OWN: Campus chaos resembling Jacobins

HIGHER ED BUBBLE COLLAPSE: Inevitable, needed, overdue and deserving. Fraud is always outed in the end.

NET NEUTRALITY: Almost a who cares? discussion, but not quite. It's all about access to information delivered over the internet.  Should internet providers be forced to provide unlimited access to all available information from all sources, or do they have the right to provide what they want to?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION STAR: Mike Mulvaney gets it! As apparant from his remarks Mulvaney understands the role of government and capitalism.  I'm sure if he had his way, this government created monstrosity would disappear overnight because it is the very essence of government meddling in the economy that makes matters worse.  As for the Wells Fargo debacle he mentioned -- that this agency did not see coming or do anything to prevent -- the answer lies with the absence of consumer diligence.  Same thing occurred at Citibank with me.  As soon as I saw the additional monthly charge of $30 appear on my monthly statement I cancelled my 40 year relationship with the bank and opened an account at another bank.  Consumers must take responsibility for themselves when it comes to functioning in the free market economy, period.

FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE: The fraudulent Mueller investigation goes on and on. Point being that this entire investigation is trumped up by the Deep State.  Never should have happened in the first place.  TUCKER CARLSON EXPLAINS STROZK ROLE IN MUELLER INVESTIGATION: This addition to the Trump collusion story that won't gom away because it promotes the left's causes.

SALEM WITCHHUNT:It's out of control.

PLAY BY THE RULES, WHO ME: FBI makes up the rules on the fly.. Hard to comprehend how corrupt the institutions of government have become.  Or, is it possible they've always been corrupt.  There's plenty rotten in the state of Denmark.  Here's a predictin: nothing will come of it especially if they (media, gov't agencies) can keep Trump on the defensive. Lock'em all up.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

WHERE'S THIS PROFESSOR BEEN?: Clone him is right, as one commenter said. This is a devastating indictment of faux education now going on at universities around the country.  Theyn have been taken over by the PC crowd promoted by inviodious programs like AA and TitleIX, Pell grants (which promote universal college education plus debt to the state) and so forth.  It really has destroyed these schools.  I no longer see any justification for a liberal arts, as currently constituted, education.  Want to know why so many college students, and college bound students, voted Bernie Sanders?  Look no further than this professor's rant.  College students are no longer taught how to evaluate what they read and "learn" from their professors.  They are, as the professor notes, indoctrinated exactly like the unfortunate citizens of the former USSR were for nearly 80 years until liberated around 1990.  The virus of Lennenism has found its way into our education system.

DEPTH OF CORRUPTION IS DEEP: They will never be held accountable because.....Because the media is corrupt, the very media that the founding fathers promotd and gave special protection and rights beause it was their belief that a democracy required an informed public.  Instead we now have a media that is one-sidedly partisan and that selectively covers news to protect and enhance te prospects of their side.  This is why every by-lined story should contain the most recent voting by authors as well as their education background and major in school.  That way there's at least a little context for the slant taken in the article.  Finally there must be a way to hold media companies accountable for ntheir selective approach toncovering the "news", although I can't think of a way at this point.

POVs  BASED ON NEWS SOURCES: Clearly fake news sites are the reason for bad race relations. This is a really serious problem and won't be solved until the fake news sites realize they are not producing unbiased, fact-based news.  The worst offenders are NBC and CNN, but there are plenty more.  How about an open forum debate between news producers from these sites, both left and right, fake and straight?

POWERFUL INDICTMENT OF SOCIALIST CALIFORNIA:It is a state in declined rivaling, for ejemplo, Illinois.  Great comments section particularly one Aesop.

TWITTER AND TRUMP: Yes, yes, and yes! Go Trump. MAGA.   He brings out the inner liberal in all the faux vonservatives which is a vital step in draining the swamy.  Must identify its

QUOTE THAT SAYS IT ALL:Every now and then the mask slips. Especially those members of congress who are in protected, or gerrymandered districts and can thereby get away with anything since all votes for them are bought with government largess.  CBC is an example.  I believe the CBC has about 35 members who meet to determin how to keep their scams going legqally, of course!

RED DIAPER BABY:A STORY ABOUT DAVID MARINESS's coverup for Bartak Obama's relationship with communist Frank Davis while a youth.

AESOP'S FABLES:Free from library of Congress.

WHAT'S NEXT:Clinton corruption writ large, very large. Drain the swamp.  By bringing out the inner liberal in the Bill Kristls of the world, he's identifying those icky creatures that inhabit the swamp.


SANCTUARY CITIES POLICY EXPOSED: Redoubtable Heather MacDonald explains. There is no one in the country who knows and understands more about this subject than Heather MacDonald.  God Bless her for the really hard work she does to expose this sham for what it is.

WOW! NO WONDER THESE GUYS ARE SO TOUGH: Navy seals are one tough bunch of dudes.

IT WOULD HELP IF THE MEDIA WERE SHAMED: THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Because they are too far gone to shame.  Every bylined reporter should have to state after his name, his political affiliation and voting record over the past 5 years.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 19, 2017

CLEAR STATEMENT OF CONSERVATIVE VALUES: It happens now and again that someone says it all unambiguously. 

MILITARY VIRTUE SIGNALling: General goes on a racial rant without the facts: Don't think I'd like to be court-marshaled by this guy's military court.  Recently heard a speech by a retired admiral of the navy who told the audience that he would not be willing to send his child into harm's way given the current state of the military leadership.

REPEAL 17TH AMENDMENT: Solve many problems.

THE CLINTON DEBACLE REVISITED: Brilliant analysis of Clinton's abuse of women and office. And to add to the distress of all those who dismissed Clinton's sexual adventures in office, and the effect it had on the moral turpitude of the feminist who supported him and his activities, there's THIS.

MORE ON OBAMA'S PERFIDY: Any sentient person knew this. As long as the media suppressed the story he was covered.  I just don't understand how these media people sleep at night knowing they are suppressing important developments and information/

UNUSUALLY PRO AMERICA VIDEO: From a black immigrant professor who takes on the naysayers.  Lefties won't like this guy.


CONRAD BLACK DESTROYS HILLARYS' EXCUSES: One by one. Until she's nothing but a blob of quivering mass, thoroughly destroyed once and for all.  She and her worthless husband managed to fool a bunch of fools for a long time.  Unfortunately, they probably remain fooled but the rest of us do not.  This "power couple" created enough mayhem in the American culture and body politic to last several lifetimes.  Like proverbial roaches, they seemingly cannot be killed.  But at least it's all now on the record, in one place.

THE COST OF ENTERTAINMENT VIA NFL: Taxes and stuff are for the little people. Like me! This rip off has been going on since the inception of the NFL.  Most overlook it for the entertainment value of the product.  But, it is invidious and should be corrected. It is a version of crony capitalism where one person or class of people is favored by the government at the expense of another.  That annual spiff to billionaire owners of 10 billion or so has to be made up by others, like the common folk.  This example of crony capitalism ought to be taught in economics classes as an example of how far we have departed from real capitalism and its benefits.

WHY SO MYSTERIOUS?: The trouble with O's past is we never get a straight answer from anyone, especially O.  And so the speculation continues.  For example, why doesn't he simply state for the record what his source of financing of his schooling was throughout his career and provide just a modicum of proof? Why does O seal his grades throughout his academic career?   Instead, we get vague assertions from him, his wife or a spokesperson referring to someone else, this or that.  Probably wouldn't solve the problem since we know he's a renown liar and simply cannot be trusted.   Much like the Clintons, these people who come out of a weird background, mysterious or strange, there's no way of coming to grips with the influences in their past, which, in and of itself, promotes speculation.  In a Democracy, the people are entitled to all the knowledge about the candidates past in order to judge his/her fitness for high office.  This is a basic requirement and should not be hidden by candidates.

THE FALL OF EUROPE: They've given up Christianity in Europe and Islam is rampant. This would largely be the result of indifference.  What Europeans don't get is Islam is not a religion as much asEuropeans awake to this fact, it just may be too late to recover and heads will roll.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

SHAMEFUL UNEQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW:  Hard to believe this partisan activity is going on under a Republican Administration. I mean if they, Republicans, can't get control of their own administration, how the heck can they expect to govern a country.  Supposedly this investigation is bi-partisan.  Suh a joke.  McCarthy exposes all.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN ACTION: Ours is no longer a meritocracy. And the result is exactly what the judge predicted: an apartheid society in which the whites are the oppressors and others the oppressed.  What a surprise.

TWO UNEQUALLY CONDUCTED INVESTIGATIONS: Shameful disparity! History should not look favorably on the players here.

WHAT'S WRONG AT COLLEGES TODAY: Runaway technology and administrators/. They have become employment factories for the administrative/industrial complex.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING: This would probably take care of many "students" at colleges too

ANTI TRUMPISM: It's not what he's accomplished, but that he didn't have their approval initially. The antitrumpsters are eating much crow these days however they remain committed to opposing because, well just because.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017

AS VDH SEES TRUMP: He may be too kind toward the democrats. Because they are in their heart of hearts nothing more than fascists who want to tell the rest of us what to think and how to act.

DEMS IN TROUBLE:  Seems as though this bs investigation is going to unearth some real corruption after all.

ANOTHER RUSSIAGATE TIMELINE: Interesting to see if this TL is accurate.

EXHAUSTIVE ARTICLE ABOUT SACKLERS AND OPIODS: Some well-researched piece and ill-gotten wealth.

THE REAL VIETNAM STORY: Professor Hill deconstructs Ken Burns' TV extravaganza.No question Burns is a committed leftist.

SOCIALIZED MEDICINE??: Wonder what Cousin John would say about this drivel.

THIS SCREED COST THE DEMS DEARLY: The liberal media simply does not get it. And they are paying a very big price.  Liberal policies only work for so long.  In the end, as Margaret Thatcher said "eventually they run out of other people's money".  At that point borrowing and heavy taxation and the like kick in and they economies slow down to a crawl making everyone unhappy.

INTERESTING READ??:Hard to know from this review, still??.

ANOTHER STALIN HISTORY:Long and tedious(?) but with new interpretations?

ALGORE ANSWERYOUR PHONE: More fake news this time on co2 emissions.

MORE ON KEN BURNS' VN: The beat goes on with the liberals.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

NOW GW IS  UNDER FIRE:This happens when you politicize everything. But the deeper meaning is that the radical left in this country is doing what revolutionaries always do, usually when they are in power.  They are destroying the symbols and artifacts that have any meaning to the followers of the old order.  In this way there is no way anyone can rally around a flag or whatever and develop a following to resist the new order.  French revolutionaries eliminated all the monasteries after 1889 and killed many aristocrats, themselves symbols of the old order.. The Soviets did the same by looting the treasures, gold and artifacts of the Russian Orthodox Church after they came to power, and they, too, killed Czar Nicholas and his entire family  as well as thousands of aristocrats.

USUAL DEM PERFIDY: Demi support highly regressive tax system Trump want to eliminate/. Hypocrisy on display once again.

RIGHT WING TAKE ON COLLUSION: We"re about to see how accurate this author is. AND THIS ADDENDUM:.Brief look at Manafort indictment, Here is Levin's take on the indictment:Points out Mueller's oversight of Manafort early on. This is an audio segment in which Levin accuses Mueller, of colluding to bring down a sitting president arguing because there is simply NO crime here whatsoever.  It's all being made up.

FUSION OPERATION TAKEN DOWN: Bunch of former newsmen out to get rich: Nothing wrong with getting rich but there is something wrong about doing it fraudulently.  Clearly, these guys are "newsmen" for hire and shape the "news" to suit the client.  This is why Free Beacon is in so much trouble now.  Anything this organization reports or has reported is toxic.  This is all part of the absence of standards and morality, for that matter, in the news business.  Very sad.nAND HOW IT'S SPUN BY  NYT: We'll see how this stands up after some dust settles.  AND MARK STEYN MAKES HIS ASTUTE CONTRIBUTION: This the web of all webs. Somebody in the old government should go to jail. Preferably Hilary.IMPORTANT TIMELINES FROM CLARICE: Ties it all together nicely.

HOW ABOUT THIS: Q CONSERVATIVE SPONSORED FILM:Apparently backed in part by Sean Hannity.  This could be interesting.  Reviewed here by Roger Simon.

OVER THE TOP? MAYBE. MAYBE NOT: Time will tell however I wouldn't bet on it. Yes Frontpage magazine is hard right.  That's because its founder was once a communist, saw the light, and decided to devote his life to exposing its evil and destructive nature.

YALE IN THE NEWS, AGAIN: How about something positive once in a while. I'd like to see the racial composition on those classes on African poetry,

ON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: If it offends, you must bend. Or something.  The question is who gets to decide what offends whom?  This never-ending issue is stupid, contentious and unnecessary.  As long as the PC government insists people identify by skin color in the case of whites and blacks (you see it on forms all the time) then why not identify people from the Asian continent by skin color?  So their standards are flexible and ever-changing, what's more, are inconsistent and frustrating.

OBAMA DEFINED AND DISSECTED:Almost perfect description of Obama and the obama years and not only because nothing's perfect. A wonderful paean to the American people and life in this country.  Truly wonderful.

THE REDOUBTABLE MOLLIE HEMMINGWAY EXPLAINS FUSION/GPS:The big story here is media corruption perpetuating this farce.  AND THEN THERE'S THIS: Because the dems are adept at the lie, bigger the better.

SPREADING THE WEALTH:How settlement monies were spent by the Obama machine. This story confirms the futility of the FRS and its attempt to manage the money supply.  In a rational world the banks that created all these "instruments" to help people own homes, never should have been making these loans in the first place.  They only made them because the government created bogus credit out of nowhere and then shamed them into making them.  Not that the banks are blameless.  Definitely not so.  They had no real justification for leveraging their capital base to astronomical, and dangerous levels other than the government encouraged it and they knew they'd be bailed out in a crunch. Which brings us back to the FSR and its creation of credit (and cash money) out of thin air on the grounds they think they know what's best for markets and the American people.  This story does not get reported.

MCCAIN'S INVOLVEMENT IN FUSION/GPS FARCE:As a member of the NeverTrump gang Mccain wanted and wants to undermine Trump at any cost. These guys can't stand the thought that their moderate stances have led us to 2-T in debt and deficits forever.  They still think money grows on trees and that there is never a need to balance the budget or live within your means like the rest of us are required to do in our personal and family lives.  This is the fallacy of living in Washing DC and being caught up in deciding what's best for everyone.  This will not end up well.  As a businessman Trump at the very least understands that there are consequences to excessive debt.  He paid the consequence of excessive debt at least once in his life when he lost the crown jewel in his RE holdings.  Debt is a commercial lubricant.  Excessive debt is a time bomb.  McCain and company have no clue.

INTERESTING DISCUSSION ON GW/AGW: Comments section worth a read.

BIOGRAPHY ON AUTHOR SCHLESSINGER JR: Review here makes it sound interesting.

BOOK ON THE REFORMATION: This sounds like an interesting book>