Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

JONAH GOLDBERG'S LATEST: Still trying to justify anti Trump position.

F.A.HAYEK PROFILE:Perhaps the most influential of the Austrians because of the Nobel.

MISES REMINDER: His vision and influence remain important.

HILLSDALE COLLEGE PROFILE: Seems pretty accurate based on general perception. If you believe in the conservative prinicples of governance, this school is for you.  It seems to becoming more than a little influentioal in Washington these days.

BEST ANALYSIS OF TRUMP PHENOMENON YET:While not perfect and while often crude, he's a doer more than a talker.

BULLSHITIZATION OF ACADEMIC LIFE: Would be funny were it not sad.

MEDIA IS CORRUPT: Like so much else in society today, unfortunately.

HEMMINGWAY DOES IT AGAIN:Mollie is a reporter in a class with only na few others these days.

THE BOTTOM LINE ON CORRUPTION: Could it get any worse?

NETFLIX PROPAGANDA:This is called voting with your feet.

MARK STEYN ON CARTER PAGE:Deep state via Madeline Albright this time.

FOR HEALTH IT'S THE LEGS: Worth a study.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 25, 2018

WELCOME TO RUSSIA, WITH LOVE: This is repulsive, repugnant, horrific, and disgusting. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone at this point in time. Salovey should go. Bring in the President of the University of Chicago. Get rid of ALL diversity bureaucrats.

G.H.W. BUSH OR TRUMP?: Interesting comments section!

POISONOUS TREE METAPHOR:Time to challenge the wrongful charges.

COMEY ROT RUNS DEEP: Sickening corruption. Who to trust. GWB a wimp in Scooter Libby affair.

SUMMARY OF MUELLER ET AL:Disgusting sluldurggery.

DIFFERENT ERSPECTIVE ON CUBAN MISSILE FRACAS: History was written by liberals who love the Kennedys.

NUNES TO THE RESCUE: Times slime machine doesn't lay a hand on him.

A CONSERVATIVE'S TAKE ON MAGA:Kurt Schlichter's column excites huge volume of comments.

SIR CHARLES NAPIER, HERO: Convinced Hindu priests to forgo Suttee.

KAYNE WEST, HERO(for now): Glynn Reynolds explains preference falsification and Tribalism.

RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION: This is called fed up, really pissed, enraged and frustrated. And he's right.  When you deal with the Swamp, this is what you have to put up with on a daily basis.  Sad. They're messing with the essence of our system and if they win, corruption becomes a way of life.

MIXING POLITICS AND MEDIA:Equals fraud, corruption and the end of the media as we've known it.

LITERAL TRAIN WRECK IN CALI:Make Jerry Brown conductor on this mess for life.

SHOULD HAPPEN BUT PROBABLY NOT:The Hillary/Obama/radical left train derailment.

HONORING A MURDERER: Karl Marx lives on because?

IN DEFENSE OF TRUMP:Why we voted for him..

IT IS THE SOLUTION, BUT...:It won't happen for several reasons.

THE WITCH HUNT EXPLAINED: Pretty much sums the whole thing up. A national disgrace.In addition a warning to everyone who didn't already know, there are a lot of sleezy, unscrupulous, two-faced legal types out there who will use the cover of law to destroy lives to accomplish their ends.

BOY SCOUTS NO MAS:Social Justice Warriors strike again.This   is sad.  I wasn't a Boy Scout but I know some who were.  Their experience reflects the sentiments in this article.  Some things are for boys only, etc.  Meanwhile the soviets continue their march through our western culture.  Eventually all will be equal, all will be special, and nothing will ever get accomplished again.  Too late for my generation but one can surely hope the next one manages to push back and save us from the social engineers and their evil intentions.

THE REAL SKINNY ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION?: There's so much b.s. out there from democrat circles it's hard tomcat at the truth. This comment on the issue draws distinctions and makes good sense.  The two powerful forces for unlimited immigration are the dems (who want the votes), and the free market types, who have their own good reasons.

BULLSHIT JOBS IN ACADEME:The author's right about competition, for sure, as the solution to useless jobs.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

BIG TIME FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Wonder what Mises/Hayek/Rothbard would say about this column. As is often the case the comments are particularly interesting.

ON JOHN STUART MILL:Would Mill have liked social media? Maybe.

FOR UNFORGETABLE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHS. Mixing cheeses and adding spices makes a diff.

DEMOCRATS ARE CRIMINALS POSING AS LAWMAKERS:In a sane world it would be the Clintons in the dock, not Trump.

DISPARATE JUSTICE A LA OBAMA:  Nice program Obama. Thanks for 17 children's death.

TRANSGENDERISM AND PROGRESSIVISM: Smmary of article in NR: full article here:

As has often times been noted, all the surgery and hormone treatments in the world cannot change the chromosomal makeup of each of the trillion of cells in a person's body. For males, the chromosome pair is XY and females it's XX. Given that fact and the problems in transitioning into another gender with surgery and/or hormone treatments, it is little wonder then that those with gender dysphoria have a 41% rate for suicides or attempted suicides compared with just 4.6% of the general population.
For a particularly enlightening view of the absurdity of  here's a story from the Federalist website of one person who tried it while on active military service and his negative views on the matter. Jamie Shupe writes, 
"The sex change process is inherently and fatally flawed because even if science eventually proves transgender people are more than the sum of their currently visible and measurable birth biology, this would make them intersex -- a mixture of male and female. It would not make transgender persons the complete opposite sex.
Nor should the military be involved in attempting to medically shoehorn trans service members into the opposite sex, something at which they can't possibly succeed. Because of the 'at best' case of mixed male and female biology in this scenario, the transgender person will always be plagued by gender dysphoria. It's the equivalent of claiming a mixed-race person can be made white or black by a medical treatment."
Shupe uses a useful term here that I haven't heard before in describing transgender people -- intersex. This implies that these poor souls who undergo sex change surgeries and heavy hormone treatments are neither fish nor fowl. Biologically and scientifically speaking, that is correct. 
And 'poor souls' also describes many transgender people. These people have a problem (gender dysphoria), and they are being encouraged by powerful cultural forces in society to mutilate and distort their bodies in trying to become something they can't. Of course, those who are egging them on have their own agenda which is not the best interest of the gender-conflicted. But this is a common tactic of the progressive Left. Causalities on the road to Utopia do not trouble them in the least. As Joe Stalin said, you have the break a few eggs to make an omelet.

MUSLIM BELIEF MYTHS:Is this accurate? No reason to assume not. This is a failed and dangerous religion unless some credible Muslims can debunk this information.

WHO'S RESPONSBLE? Answer: Both parties, Dems 10 times more b/c of entitlements.

MELANI PHILLIPS ON MUSLIMS: It's all about coming to grips with modernity.

STIGLITZ THE SOCIALIST: Its always the same with socialist, "The rich are greedy swine determined to keep the rest of us down".

CURRENCY CRISES?:Sounds like pick your poison at this point.

BROKEN GOP PROMISES: We'll see how this ends up. GHWB revisited?


POWER MAD, CRAZED, ETC: Talk about lost, confused and unhinged is to talk about lefties.  and MORE HERE.

ERIVING THEM CRAZY: Or more to the point, lack of power, being out of power, ids driving them crazy.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION RESULTS: Another example of government meddling in the free market of college admissions.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

RACISM IS RAMPANT:And it flows from Obama. There is only a remote chance of solving this societal problem until the last vestiges of the Obama years are washed away. It was Obama who hired his fellow racists for key domestic agencies and they all proceeded to blame the whitesw for the failings of the blacks.  The whole thing dates to LBJ whose objective with his policies was to secure a stable, long-lasting coalition that would keep the deomcrats in power for generations.  Democrats are good at playing the game of politics in ways the Republicans have not even thought of.  This is because democrats play the government as though it was their business, exempt from the ruls of the free market.  When Republicans understand how they think and the strategies they use, they will always be behind the political curve and the American citizens will be subjected to the tyranny of the mob.:

TIES TO HILLARY?:Weird to sa the least.


VERY SHORT AND ACCURATE SUMMARY OF WHERE WE ARE: Make no mistake we are in a struggle for existence. We must prevail.

THIS FROM TAKI RE FIU BRIDGE:Give me a break, Diversity Bridge??Engineered by FIU grads??

DRAINING THE SWAMP:  This is going to take a while.

SAMUELSON EXPOSES DECEIT OF LIBERALS: My question is why do they keep lying about the and other subjects. Of course the simple answer is because that's their nature.  But the real answer is more likely that they really want to simply increase the ninvolvement of government in our collective lives by increasing the "benefits" extended to the poor and they don't believe government debt means anything.

THE UTTER DISPICABLE HEIGHTS OF HYPOCRISY: Can't say it too often, if the media didn't have double standards, it wouldn't have any standards.

COLLEGE A WASTE OF MONEY?No doubt about it things have changed. How much is up for debate.

INTERSTINGN TAKE ON CHINA VS US: We'll see if this analysis holds up but I find myself agreeing with its basic premise.

WHAT IS INFLATION?:Lively discussion in responses.

MEL TORME IS THE GREAT ONE:Wow, what a talent. Almost unbelievable.

AMERICAN LIBERALISM: The author hits all the right notes.

THE RACE NARRATIVE: THIS doesn't seem like rocket science. The narrative is promoted by democrats to further their political agenda. Makes me wonder if the author is naive when he fails to identify the actual cause of this attitude...

CLINTONS'S DUPLICITY: Nothing new here, of course:

JUDGMENT DAY IS COMING: And the media/establsihment won't like the results.

FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME, GET READY: Politicians, including Trump, cannot, will not deal with this issue. Therefore, we are doomed. Period.

CLINTON/BUSH FOUNDATION CHICANRY;Yes, thad be W. Charles Ortel reporting

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION?: Will it never end

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

THE MOTHER OF ALL TRAVESTIES: Its as these schools have decided the Soviets were right after all. This story, while not unique, is truly freightening.  It's as though the Cold War never happened, as thoiugh the atrocities of the USSR never happened.  It's truly mind-blowing that these universities want to embrace the most illiberal model there is: creating the perfect citizen.  Yoicks!  Don't they teach history anymore.

IT'S ALL A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: Andrew McCarthy unravels it all in this piece.  More HERE

THE DEBT, THE DEBT GO AWAY:It won't go away on its own.


FROM KALISPELL, MONTANA: Frank Miele hits a home run with this column featuring John Dewey and his movement.

BUT POLITICIANS WANT TO BUY VOTES:And libs want to social engineer so welcome inflation!

FAILURE OF WELFARE: oe Kline of Boston Globe via JI.This woman has got it right but Sen. Moynahan got it right over 50 years ago and we've made no progress.  I blame the political system rigged for the liberals via gerrymandering that ensures black leadership which is reliably democrat and welfare dependency supportive.  For these people whatever ensures votes and keeping themselves in office is what matters.  Hand out free stuff in exchange for votesw is the easiest route to staying in office.

ON INEQUALITY:Many hypocrites at work here. Beware.

DISSECTING THE MUELLER PROSECUTORIAL TEAM: Egads, this is the best we have to offer?As has been said many times the federal government is far too big and removed from those it governs.  Once this happens, rot and corruption inevitably sets in because man is a fallen creature.  It is a story that is repeated over and over in history but still, we don't learn.

THE FULL STORY ABOUT COLLUSION? If nothing else this is a very long report about democrats conniving to destroy Trump's campaign.  AND, here's another from Tablet.

TARRIFS DON'T WORK: Mises view of tariffs which worked for Harley-Davidson in the '80s.

THE PUTIN PROBLEM: KAsporov knows what's going on. The West is willing to be bought off.
There is no will in the /west to stand up to Putin because he can stop the flow of Russian wealth to western markets and the like.  This is sad and wrong because it perpetuates the problems Russia has transitioning from a dictatiorship to a democracy.  As K says there are no institutions of democracy in place nownbecause Putin has copted them all to his use.

ROGER KIMBALL ON HILLARY: Go Radcliffe, She's your very own.

EXCELLENT DISCUSSION OF PRIVILEGE: It's such a waste of time to make this argument but it's what you get from silly liberals and racist blacks these days.

MORE ON PRIVILEGE: Warning: this is not a parody. But it should be.

NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN CAMPAIGN VIDEO: Campaign video for the ages.

NCAA BASKETBALL GRADUATION RATES: Interesting stuff. Higher than I thought across the board.

CALIFURNIA A SEPERATE COUNTRY: Watch this one unwind/Big trouble

ON BRENNAN:This guy is pure poison.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WAS HE A MUSLEM OR NOT? A subjectt no one dares to broach.I'd say a better than 50/50 chance he was.  Take a look at the responses to the blog.  One in particular lists evidence that is reasonably convincing.  At the very least the guy was not very American.  Under no circumstances could I or would I have ever voted for this guy.  At a minimum he was a phony.

MICHAEL WALSH SUMMARIZES EVENTS OF THE DAY:AND, OF COURSE, HE DOES IT QUITE WELL.  And the redoubtable Millie Hemmingway provides further evidence of Fake News collusion to ignore damaging informatio.

PATHETIC YALE STUDENT  When this immature child wakes up, she will realize how ridiculous she is. Course there's no guarantee she'll wake up in which case she'll never marry and will lead a frustratin life of discontent.

WEAPONIZED DOJ: Thank you Eric and Barak

A SERIOUS QUESTION?:Answer: Because.......

GENTRY POLITICS: Democrats achilles heel.It's snobbery and elitism

RE FISA COURT: He' got it. There all guilty as sin

MEDIA ECHO CHAMBER: The media has been exposed once and for all.

COLUMBO GOT IT RIGHT: Because he looked only for the evidence and remained humble. Very good lesson.


GE AND GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES:Doesn't work long term GE will fail badly.

ROGER KIMBALL ON THE TWO MEMOS: The democrats are desperate to deflect from the truth. They have dug themselves a bottomless pit with this phpny memo.

REALLY?WHITENESS STUDY?What's next masculine study. Oh wait....

IBD'S SPOT ON ANALYSIS OF COLLUSION: It's all disinformation stuff perpetrated by Russian masters of the art. Why wouldn't they be good at this sort of thing: tey've been doin it for centuries.

SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM: Socialism always leads to communism and both lead to tyranny and despotism.

EXCELLENT SUMMARY OF COLLUSION BY VDH:As usual, VDH puts it all in perspective. Assuming the Dems were capable of putting the shoe on the other foot, they n just might revise their attitude and conclusion about Watergate.  This however will never happen since Dems  would make good little apparchicks in the Soviet regime.  They are maddening.

TUCKER CARLSON PROFILE:For a look at the state of conservatism today.

VDH WEIGHS IN ON OPPRESSED VS OPPRESSORS: Or something like that. They keep dividing the categories such that oppressed are fewer than oppressors.


EPA UNDER CONTROL:Defumigating this Obama wrecking crew by Scott Pruitt!

SCANDAL FREE ADMINISTRATIOM?:Depends on the definition of "scandal".

CONRAD BLACK ON THE DEMOCRAT PARTY:Not much left considering its leadership.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


The Lives of Others
A movie about the Stasi came out in 2006, was foreign film award best of year

JORDAN PETERSON: A man to remember as one who turned back the tide of the PC nazis who were beginning to win the war for the mind of the youth.  His interview with the feminazi interviewer on BBC is enlightening.  He won the half hour debate hands down because he had the answers to every attemp she made to indoctrine him in the destructive, collectivist ideas of the feminist thereby exposing them as nothing more than than the collectivist, authoritarian, fascists they are.  Tucker Carlson would do well to have him on his nightly show along with some outspoken femnist and watch him destroy her arguments.

DEATH OF THE MEDIA: Michael Walsh says "stay tuned", the fireworks are about to begin.

VIDEO DISCUSSION OF FSR: Quite long but interesting discussion of new book by Conti-Brown on The Fed.

ARE WE IN A CIVIL WAR: Here's one thinker who believes it. His arguments are persuasive.   the Democrat Party, the GOPe and the Administrative State are all striving to undo the threat represented by Trump's victory and the clear message it sends.  If the Constitution means anything it means the individual comes before the State.  Individualism vs Collectivism.  Capitalism vs Socialism.  This struggle has been going on since Karl Marx infected Europe with the virus of Communism in the middle of the 19th century.

THE TET OFFENSIVE RESULT: Ken Burns notwithstanding, this is the real truth.  Excerpt from Hayward's book:And more here, and also here.

ROGER KIMBALL SPEAKS FOR ME:Exactly my Trump journey.

PROFESSOR PETERSON IN FEDERALIST MAG:Peterson is a valuable antidote to the ridiculous and dangerous BLM, PC,Progressive movement.

VDH's TRUMP ANALYSIS: Very, very astute picture shows why Trump won the primaries and general elections.

OBOMA'S AMERIKA: Rank fascism on display. Takeover of the IRS immediately afterObama is elected. Rank corruption that merits a case study in all schools preparing people for jobs in the government.


INSIGHTS INTO MEDIA IN WASHINGTON: Corruption has to be exposed, but the media is fighting it tooth and nail.

VDH ON THE CORRUPTION AT FBI/ETC.: Pretty good summary of where it all stands as of February 6, 2018.  Of course more will be revealed.

THE PICKETTY BOOK REVIEW:Says its really just a socialism apology.  Also A mises critique of Piety's work here.

BEAUTIFUL RENDERING BY CAROLINE CAMPBELL: So much for gender identity and the like. Talent is talent and always surfaces.