Saturday, June 24, 2017

Winston's Folly

Winston's Folly: In my opinion,” wrote Admiral Lord Charles Beresford to Leo Maxse, the editor of the British conservative magazine National Review, in April 1915, “Churchill is a serious danger to the State. After Antwerp, and now the Dardanelles, the Government really ought to get rid of him.” Six months later, and after much more blood had been shed in the disastrous Dardanelles campaign, Herbert Asquith’s government did, indeed, get rid of Winston Churchill, in what was easily the worst moment of Churchill’s extraordinarily long career.
Nothing, even in the Second World War, affected Churchill so personally and profoundly badly as the Dardanelles—also known as the Gallipoli—disaster, which would have destroyed many a lesser man. Yet, instead, the catastrophe inserted much of the steel into the mettle of the man who, a quarter of a century later, was to lead Britain in the crises of 1940-41, was by then older and (largely because of the Dardanelles) wiser.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SUCCINCT DESCRIPTION OF TRUM RESISTANCE MOVEMENT:And as VDH says, it's only going to get worse. The furies have been unleashed.I suspect the backlash will be monumental and that the lefties will rue the day they began this defamation, delegitimization campaign in the first place.  Meanwhile Trump should continue to rock the boat at every opportunity since he really has no other choice.  The dems and their propaganda machine have asked for it and they should get what they asked for.  The first thing he should do is reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy by a minimum of 1/3d.  Next, eliminate the department of education and stop Pell grants.  There's plenty more he can and should do.

NAZI ANALOGIES EXPLORED:Theodore Darylmple deconstructs the Nazi analogy usage so popular among democrats and Trump haters today.

SHAKESPEARE HAD IT RIGHT:And so did Edmund Burke. Violent revolution is on the horizon.As long as the democrats resist the reform efforts of the Trump administration, we are at risk of a violent revolution of the kind described in this article.  Burke's book on the French Revolution of 1789 captured the essence of the chaos to follow.  He was right.  The revolution spun out of control resulting in the guillotine murder of up to 40,000 aristocrats, clergy and even revolutionaries like Robespierre eventually, plus the rise of strong man Napoleon and the destructive Napoleonic wars throughout central Europe for nearly 25 years.

BORDERLINE PATHETIC:If this wasn't so obviously wrong you'd think we were dealing with a parody.The FBI needs a complete overhaul.  Like maybe firing all of the agents and starting over from scratch.  Otherwise the corruption will continue and get worse.

QE EXPLAINED:It's all financial legerdemain.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ONE OF VDH'S FINEST:Will not find a better analysis of where we are!Hanson brings an historical perspective unmatched by most analysts.  Between the lines he's saying pc world has created a massive issue concerning the balkanization of our country.  There must be a common culture for a nation to create an environment in which harmony among people exists.

KIMBAL DECONSTRUCTS THE DEMOCRATS:This political party is ready for the dung heap.How much lower the gems can sink in moral turpitude is questionable since they have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for so long.  It defies imagination what the party and its acolytes in the media are doing to themselves and the country in the meantime.  Their ant-Trump trumped up charges change by the day and are meritless.  How long this can continue before something erupt is problematic. I would be ashamed to call myself a democrat.  But of course since they have no principles other than the accretion of power, no democrat has any compunction about what they are doing.  A pox on their house.

PROGRESSIVES SOLUTION:As usual it's more Woodrow Wilson than RR.  And the banks prove the experts don't have all the answers if any!Banks didn't get it.

CHARMING ITEM FRO LYNWOOD OLSON:The NYT is useful ONLY for this kind of stuff.

SAD DEMISE OF JOURNALISM:Beyond repair. No doubt, but there will arise alternatives to the crapola now served up regularly ny MSM.

CHAFHETZ'S MOTIVES ARE SUSPECT:  Is he committed togged government or not? If so, why give up the fight so early in the Trump presidency?  Kinda disappointing to have a real conservative give up the fight at this point but, it appears he's genuinely disappointed that Trump did not come in to office with both guns blazing and clear out Dodge of all the riff raff. If Trump accommodates himself to the Washington Deep State in any way, he and we fail.

A HISTORY OF HEALTHCARE FAILURE:Toxic brew: Government and Associations.This combo bound to lead to a raw deal for consumers and that's where we are.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

YES, THEY ARE INVADING THE WEST:This s a failed religion that allows terrorism.The political class will promote a paradigm that does not exist for self-serving reasons.  They want to appear "inclusive", "welcoming"(because we're all immigrants, ya'know) because they want the support and votes of these people.  Truth be known these people practicing this so-called faith, are unassimilable. There is no coherence to their religion/faith, no hierarchy by which reforms can be dictated.  The ways the religion (theocracy) is flawed could, and has, fill a book (see Spencer).  In this country we should stop all immigration from countries in which Islam is the dominant faith, excepting those pitiful few Christians and Jews who may live there.  Practice the Muslim faith, you are not welcome here in a Christian society.  Unfortunately, secularism is so rampant in the West now that we will have a hard time getting to this solution.  But, like it or not, it is the only realistic way to stop this virus.  Communism is an analogy.  It is an evil construct for organizing the affairs of people.  Failure to deal with it harshly leads to enslavement, wars, pestilence.  To say nothing of loss of freedom in all its aspects.  Tolerance does dot work for evil constructs.  They must be isolated and expunged from the body politic because in the end this is a political issue.

AN INVESTIGATION LIKE VALERIE PALME'S:No crime except leaking classified information.Liberals are sickos who only worship power.  They are frightened that Trump will upset their lucrative gigs at the public trough.  This is all a byproduct of easy money and will end sooner or later.  What can't go on forever, won't. Angelo Codevilla nails it.

SIMPLY STATED TRUTH: Can't have it both ways but unions are tying to:This has really been going on far too long.  Public sector unions have created sinecures that have become inviolate.  But, they are a big reason why the country is heavily indebted not only because of the indoctrination they provide to students, but also because of the unsustainiblity of their financial gains for their members.

WE SHOULD LISTEN TO ANDREW MACCARTHY:The sharks live in the sea metaphor. Remove shark from sea and it dies.

WASTE WASTE AND MORE WASTE:Solve this problem by outlawing government unions -- they're breaking then bank.

HATE FILLED MEDIA:Trump Derangement Syndrome began under W. It is consuming its perpetrators with hate, bigotry, and madness.

MADNESS OF LIBERAL GOVERNMENT:How do they get away with this stuff.Easy.  They get a bunch of crony business types like Elon Musk to gin up phony business plans, a bunch of big government pols to create some laws, a MSM propaganda machine to create memes, and you are in business. Mostly in business screwing taxpayers, yet again.

INSIDE STORY ON COMEY/CLINTONS ET AT?If partially true there's lots to ponder here.This all makes for a coherent and plausible scenario.  Now to see how it all plays out.

GINGRICH SPEAKS OUT ON COMEY/DEEP STATE:Hard to argue with this argument. This is a titanic struggle.

GOOD DEREGULATION BILL:In the interest of the free market pass this bill.

RISE AND FALL OF NEWARK:As seen through the eyes of Philip Roth.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

HOORAY! A COLLEGE PRESIDENT WITH CAJONES:It's about time. Put snowflakes in the hot sun.

UNBELIEVABLE STORY OFM HEROISM:Talk about American exceptionalism, this is it.

THIS IS THE REAL SCANDAL:But, it will probably go nowhere because of the media corruptionandnbias.

HEATHER MACDONALD OPINES:This reporter does her homework and knows what she's talking about.Too bad there aren't a few more reporters around who are as knowledgeable, informed and conscientious as Heather.  But there are only a handful, unfortunately.

LET'S SEE WHERE THIS OUTRAGE GOES:Probably down the toilet. FISA is a joke.

ISLAM EXPOSED:Simple, credible description of Islamic faith.

SECOND TIME PUBLISHING THIS OUTRAGE:Because it's so surreal. Yale is finished, over, kaput. Yale is now a warehouse for disgruntled black children and a graveyard for serious learning by students.  Welcome to the new 1984, to socialism, to tyranny of the oppressed few who have been pandered into monsters.  This is liberal fascism in its full flower.  Slavoney now presides of the death of a once great institution.

REQUIEM ON HILLARY:Don't hold back guys. Wow! Couple of comments are tough, too.

WHY DO THEY EXIST?:It's hard to know since colleges are coming apart at the seams.

SAY ALL TOGETHER:VOTER FRAUD:The democrat party should either prosecuted or exiled to Russia.This is all so frustrating.  Of course voter fraud exists and solely by democrats because fraud and deception and all the rest is what they do.  Will this be prosecuted.  Of course not.  What's more the odds are the fat lady clerk responsible for the criminal acts will turn out to be an important official in the teachers union and what's worse, actually teaching in a class.  This is all a bad dream.


HOW MEDIA MATTERS WORKS:This is a really sick operation...but effective for its cause.


Anyone sane knows full well the latest efforts can only end badly.

One gets the sense that Congress’s trying to craft a healthcare bill is like trying to play the piano in mittens.
Why should it be so difficult? Because Congress is trying to command and control the actions and interactions of millions of people. That can’t be done — which means it’s not possible to agree on how it should be done.
And so the leftwing media and the Democrats blame President Trump, as always. What do they expect him to do, if his predecessor couldn’t even slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet? Don’t they know that market forces are even more powerful?
Have you ever seen Grand Central Station at rush hour? Thousands of people running for trains and rarely, if ever, crashing into each other.
Now picture Congress trying to legislate the paths of all those frantic people: Citizen 011-22-3333 should head 2 degrees left, at a speed of not more than 3 mph but not less than 3.34 mph, for 16.7 feet toward track 26; whereupon said party should vector right 4.85 degrees toward track 27 (to miss the oncoming commuter); but immediately pause for .8 seconds to allow small woman carrying baby barreling along to pass uninterrupted….
Only Congress and the Kremlin would think they could manage that from Central Headquarters by legislating today how all those people should catch their trains next week, next month, next year!
It can’t be done. And neither can all the actions and interactions of patients, doctors, hospitals, and a myriad other health professionals be prescribed years in advance and miles away by Washington legislators and bureaucrats. They are trying to legislate what only the market can produce. This can only end in tears.
In their saner moments, Republican legislators recognize this. Democrats, who are essentially socialists, cannot.
That is why it is so difficult for Congress to pass a health-care bill: Most Republicans want something entirely different from what most Democrats want. Democrats want socialized medicine, but socialized medicine — socialized anything — is a politically lascivious way of pleasing voters: Candidates can always promise to increase benefits — viz., food stamps or disability payments.
Many (but not all) Republicans, on the other hand, want a free-market health care system, or at least a freer market, with government intervention (i.e., government assistance — health stamps?) for people who can’t afford adequate health care.
Because there really is no common ground, Democrats will attack everything Republicans propose, as Republicans attacked Obama’s attempt to socialize the system.
In a freer-market health-care system, people who have the ability and the financial means to look after themselves (i.e., most Americans) would be allowed to do so. But that means the country needs a competitive marketplace where competition can work its magic, the same way it does in the market for houses, automobiles, food, or beer. People should be allowed to buy policies that cover only what they want, with whatever deductible amount they choose.
They should not be required, as they are now under Obamacare, to buy coverage they don’t want or for events that will never occur to them. Women don’t need insurance for prostate cancer. Men don’t need maternity coverage. Those kinds of requirements, imposed by Democrats, have nothing to do with insurance. They are really just hidden taxes: They force A to pay for something he will never use so that B’s insurance premium for that good can be lower.
But unlike the market for, say, beer, there’s a free-rider issue in health care: people who don’t buy insurance when they’re well but expect Cadillac care when they get sick. They’re a problem, and they will get some care. But if they are scheming shirkers, they should also pay a price for free riding — perhaps forfeiting their drivers’ licenses.
What’s the value of the health stamps poor people should receive? That also would be a hot political issue but more manageable because it can be designed so there’s really only one variable — the dollar amount to assist in buying insurance. This much is certain, however: A free-market system combined with health stamps would provide quality health care to those paying the freight and be cheaper and more efficient than the socialized system we’ve been suffering under since Obamacare was enacted.
But Democrats and Republicans will never be able to agree on these matters. And without an Econ 101 lecture from a stern Donald Trump — and the threat of expelling recalcitrant students — nothing good is likely to come from Congress.
And so… spring will turn to summer without a replacement for Obamacare, and summer to fall, and then we will be headed into a long, cold winter of discontent, and then congressmen really will put on their mittens.
And when they sit down to play, we won’t be able to tell the difference.
Email Daniel Oliver at
The only solution long term is a requirement that everyone have catastrophic insurance plans and then pay their day-to-day healthcare expenses out of pocket.  More urgent care facilities and bigger delivery service providers like Kaiser Permanente for more serious problems should do the trick for working people. Paying into a catastrophic insurance program would be like paying into Medicare, Social Security.  Smokers and obese people would pay higher premiums. Charity hospitals for those who fall through all the cracks with docs in private practice getting tax breaks for seeing charity cases.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

MORE ON YALE DEBACLE: This revolting story seems to have no end toYale's disgrace.

HOW TO GET AT THE TRUTH: The Middleburg way is to shut down discussion by screaming and yelling. $65,000 per year teaches you how.

ROGER KIMBALL TO THE RESCUE:Interestingly he pretty much has the measure of Goldberg,m"The extraordinary delusions and madness of the crowds" by Mackay in the 19th century is as good an analogy as there is.  It's a drumbeat by the intelligentsia who fear loss of influence and power to upstarts who know so much less than they do.

THE POWER OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE:Make no mistake the bureaucrats are out to get Trump.And what's worse they probably will because they have accrued so much power, power delegated to them by a Congress that did not want to be held accountable in ways that would threaten their positions -- job security, wealth and security, all powerful motivating forces.  Trump's announcement on the stump that he wanted to go to Washington to "drain the swamp" was a declaration of war.  The bureaucrats were warned. They marshaled their collective strength and developed a plan to unseat him or at least his authority to effectively lead the country.  This is a subversion of the representative system we have had in place for nearly 300 years.  Should they win this struggle, which is not really against Trump but against diminishing their strength and effectiveness in unelected governance, then we will have a new system. Since no elected representative of the people could expect to reduce or diminish their power short of a full-blown revolution resulting in a different system than the one they constructed, we face a rocky future.

INSTRUCTIVE POST FROM CONRAD BLACK:Followed by hysterical letty comments.Man, those Canadians are some liberally indoctrinated sheeple.  They should join the European Union and take orders from Brussel along with all the other socialist European no longer sovereign nations.Another column that exposes the attack on Trump. I don't see how Trump can survive this assault given the relentlessness of the media.  It can go on forever with innuendo, rumors, made-up stories and the like and one man has to fight them off one at a time.  Seems like impossible odds.  Pray I'm proven wrong.

Sunday, May 14, 2017